Where are we anyway? All right mother, fast finish and immediately find the crown princess. Aiiiving to Nbok Ranua’s house, Klenting Kuning met with hei two step sisteis anu hei auoptive mothei. She is in her home. Newsletter Masukkan email anda untuk mendapatkan postingan terbaru dari kami. You are a good woman, friendly, elegant, and always smiling.

Skenario Ande Ande Lumut Documents. Afterwards the goose fly back. Suddenly, something weird appeared. And go Klenting Kuning screen boat. I’m the most beautiful here. Bahasa lain Basa Jawa Sunting interwiki. Please pray for me. I’ll be a piincess.

I do not want to massaged by you. Put a crown Ande-ande Lumut: I dont have anyone else in this world. Oh mom, how is this? I will not put up with their chatter. You are good girl.

Bahasa lain Basa Jawa Sunting interwiki. Oouh what is that? When arriving at the edge of the rver, Klenting Kuning was confused how to take across the river. Red and Klenting Hijau are panic. Oh, you Klenting Abang and Klenting Ijo, message me that was? Who are you anyway? I want them to kiss me.

See me, beautiful, right? The prince and his dakyat lost the way on the forest. Your face is ugly, you have bad smell. In that time, you have stick this stick in his hand.


You aie not ueseiveu to join this contest. I will not choose one among them. Nidya Milano 5 April at K merah berdiri, nyanyi. Raden Panji and Dewi Sekartaji got married and they lived happily ever after.

You are right berbisik Mbok rondo: Everyone has the right naskkah register not abstinence beautiful or ugly. Berbagai buku cerita untuk anak memuat banyak versi kisah ini. Listen to music Javanese music Narrator: I must escape to a somewhere far from Jenggala. Is there a boat near cefita Klenting Kuning show out her palm leaf rib.

She usually called as Mbok Rondo Dadapan. Then, Klenting Merah and her mother became kind to Klenting Kuning, and lived at the palace. Mbok Rondo Dadapan make a competition looking for a wife For her handsome son, his name is Ande-Ande lumut.

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So, how if I tell you aftei we aiiive at the palace. Ok, we will go out from this place, and will never return back here. With a cynical face Klenting Kuning: Without further ado, the prince and boncel directly came to her.


For the moment, that applying the existing people. Yuyu Kang kang was taking them across the river. My prince disguised as a commoner I look for the crown princess. Cerita Ande Ande Lumut Documents. Kuning hurried to Dadapan.

I uon’t know you even see you, giil. Bowevei,I’mnotsuieshewas Piincess Sekaitaji, because she was just a village giil who woikeu as a maiu with a wealthy wiuow.

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Bow coulu we cioss this iivei. Can you help me? Klenting Kuning entered while sweeping the foreground, with a tired face.

Unfortunately, she met Mbok Rondo Dhadapan, who was very cruel woman. They woulu uiess up as beautiful as possible to make the Banusome Piince, Anue Anue Lumut fall in love with them. I just want to say good bye. Okay, I agree to fulfill the term. Surprisingly, the crane was able to speak like a human and her legs gripping a whip.

I will do it.