It is a room showing all 12 of the Altadorian protectors. Search the Neopian Times. Sign In Sign Up. Pita, how were we unlawfully conducting ourselves? Subreddit Rules basics below Be excellent to each other. Want to add to the discussion?

Remove the one rock, and stick ONE rock into another gear, refresh the page with the ceiling. It’s an extra fifty requests or so that have to be made, because there’s no way to know you’ve gotten them. It took requests one time. You currently have javascript disabled. The quest seem very bugged. Three perfectly flat 3-inch rocks. You push the button. The Altador Plot has been out for a while now but is still completable.

Ooh, look at the funny Chias dressed in weird uniforms coming this way! It’s probably that it doesn’t have an internal “name” or anything, so Norton sees it as malicious.

So then he got past that Vaeolus part and I completed the first constellation. The quest seem very bugged. After all, we helped the Alchemy guy by buying his illegal medicine, the Archivist by breaking the magical spell we were NOT supposed to break, and- Dillon: My issue is that the ceiling is not moving at well when I block any of the gears.

And don’t forget breaking the gears like four times! Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Posted November 24, Sign in Already have an account? SO now that Pita’s done, 5 is vandalism! You are also now able to visit the Astronomy Tower in the Hall of Neopetw. Log in or sign up in seconds. I’m repeating what the guides say, but in a manner that makes more sense.


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Download As with my Autotrainer fixing, I promisethe code is hosted remotely on Google Projects to make it easy to fix bugs should they arise. Still, I’m looking into it. For the constellations use THIS! We’ll see what happens Thanks again Inkheart. This is a download link mirror just in case the link above doesnt work for you.

Select Okay to start — and thanks in advance for your patience. Search the Neopian Times Great stories! And if so, does anyone have nepoets for locating your constellations? It’s probably the only rock you’ll be able to pry away anyways.

It’s an exact fit, and the table is completely stable! Ah yes, how could we forget sneaking around the farm, pulling mysterious windmill levers without permission?

Can you still complete the Altador plot? : neopets

We went into the Observatory when Foreman told us not to– Dillon: The notches either aren’t on my computer, or I don’t recognize them. Those Jubjub miners look ready to pounce. The program I used was from the MediaFire one. I’ve tested this quite thoroughly, though, and I believe it’s close to rock-solid.


Keep two windows open. Since Jibbles was a co-author of these guides, he has been allowed to post it here: I’m not sure what it’s supposed to do, either, or how to fix it Off Topic Tuesday Thursday: The archivist says, “Yes, that button in the Hall of Heroes This is neopeys hard one. Three perfectly flat 3-inch rocks.

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I’m not sure if you’re talking about the same chapter, but you have to go to the basement to the see the gears. Could you post a screenshot of what the ceiling looks like on your computer? I read both guides for the gears, but I still don’t understand.