Thank Godness you replied — thought I had offended you or worse for having virtually shaken you by the shoulder- a na-mehram. Those 3 exceptional ladies all moments were nice though but acting k bare me bohat kuch kaha jachuka hai LOL tou will mention about soyam scene.. I thought I may have mis interpreted it. Sm, its definitely a flashback. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Mahjabeen is the only character that intrigues me.

This is such a great drama but can someone please do something about sound!! Numm is the only show I enjoy watching other than Aunn Zara. Can anyone shed any light in this or do we give the drama writers artistic license? I usually ffwd her conversations with bade sahab because they seem so boring and bland. The way she meets herself in the mirror in the 2nd and 5th episode and in her ride to home fifth episode convey that her sense of self is not dead. What was that all about?

Afia you are an angel! Thank you for the smiles after a long day at school.

Hey SZ- finally got sometime to write…I for one did not enjoy this episode much. I think its important to separate the character from the actor. You octobeg cheered me up today I had some really sad news yesterday and I will read it tonight to cheer me up! Yes, he was tired and exhausted, but I see it more of the result of an inner struggle.

Agree with you on all counts. A nice treat of laugh with my cup of tea in the morning Annie and amusingmuslim. Amen to that sisters!

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The sisters crying scene at Ammus death was so bad!!!! SZ — ok so I totally missed where the smile was. There is absolutely no need to focus so much on the workers in the haveli unless they have. And then with the living room scene, where he scolds her, he treats like a regular everyday woman, one for whom he does not lower his gaze and does not snuff out his cigarette and drinks in front of.


Fatima Awan September 7, Oh well, if wishes were horses as they say. The point is he is now a grown man and she is octoher there, obviously it is not her fault episore.

This episode was quite difficult to understand for me, especially when I went through your review SZ, I perceived it in num, different way. Thank Godness you replied — thought I had offended you or worse for having virtually shaken you by the shoulder- a na-mehram.

But they must be passing info on to BS. Are we meant to feel sorry for him? At this point in the serial, Wali is no great catch: She wanted to make sure ke bechara seedha saadha masoom sharif Wali got the message loud and clear!

Un ka kon khayal kare ga? It just shows how we also think about the characters and I agree there is more to the character then meets the eye but unfortunately she is so badly played epiosde the viewer can not pick any nuances from the character. Does she feel guilty for the blood shed? Sm, its definitely a flashback.

Numm Episode 7 By Geo Tv – 5th October 2013

Done with being dictated to and called to task like an immature child, Wali grew up and became a man in this episode. Also octobet they go to the grave yard no one reads Fateha. And then she needs to comfort her daughter by saying that Mahjabeen is nodody. I only thought of Wali because they were so comfortable with each other like their relationship goes back many years.


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Her outer look was all cold without emotions infront of wali but in solitary she was real thoughtful her. The pain she suffered, the losses she bore, and the family she was forced to meet on the sly, all those years seemed to have passed by in a haze. But obsessed with Numm and your spisode.

I recently started watching plays again after ages. Oho, itni obvious si baat kyon nahin samajh rahe ho. This latest episode was a complete disappointment; the unnecessary screen time given to episods conversations between servants in particular left me clueless. You bring everything together perfectly. I wonder how bade saab completely missed the fact that M could ruin W.

But dramas are their main attraction source of income. This was by far my most favorite scene of the episode — loved it! And as always this one is bang on target!