Retrieved August 10, Once in the realm of Mukade, Awashima is attacked through the numerous torii scattered around the landscape. Rikuo’s friends form a paranormal investigation group and decide to have the inaugural ceremony at Rikuo’s house since they’ve heard rumors of it being haunted. Kidomaru traps them in Ranjomon Gate, where he is able to defeat Rikuo and Tsurara. Meanwhile Rikuo fights Gozumaru, who tried to kill Tsurara. On reaching their destination Rikuo learns that the mountain is the domain of Gyuki – a member of his clan and the one responsible for trying to kill Rikuo. In time he also came to be known as Gyuki.

Tsurara is nursing him back to health when his friends visit. This page was last edited on 4 February , at After the fight he disappears to look into this incident. Nurarihyon no x trail t30 service manual Mago: Elsewhere, Inugami abducts Kana and holds her hostage, however, she is rescued and Tamazaki slaughters Inugami. Now that Rikuo has mastered the Matoi technique, the allied counterattack begins. As they fight, he teaches Rikuo about different ways of using Matoi which allows them to defeat Kidomaru. Rikuo, in his night form, saves Kana at the last second.

Nurarihyon no Mago Sennen Makyo Episode 20, Rikuo uses his new techniques and destroys the Dakini, Hakuzozu’s weapon. Yura, who is experiencing a crisis in confidence about her beliefs, begins to open up to Nurarihyon.

He challenges Hagoromo Gitsune and her clan and manages to defeat her with the help of his Hundred Demons and Eepisode, the 13th head of the Keikain family.

Tamazuki and the Seven Shadows. At the Seieji Temple, the 5th seal is broken. Before she dies, Yamabuki Otome reveals that as part of their plan to eliminate Rihan, Abe no Seimei and Sanmoto Gorozaemon used Soul Rebirth on her and manipulated her memories.


In time he also came to be known as Gyuki. Not available magp some. Rikuo and his Night Parade retake the Seieji, Nishihoganji, and Rokukinji temples fifth, fourth and third seals which are resealed and head straight to Sokokuji Temple second seal to rescue Tsurara. As Rikuo runs ahead, Rihan stops to observe his surroundings; suddenly, the girl stabs him from behind, killing him, while Rikuo can only look on in shock.

Surprisingly, Ryuji gets up, surprised that he isn’t wounded. Nurarihyon No mago Sennen no makyou opening 2.

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Nurarihyon orders Gyuki and his fellows to delay Nue. Later Yura came late to the scene after Kappa and Night Rikuo left. Sennen Makyou Episode 11 Subtitle Indonesia rilis cepat di Animeku, rekomendasikan teman-temanmu untuk menonton. Sennen Makyou subtitle bahasa indonesia. Suddenly, although he is too weak to fight, Nurarihyon appears before her asking questions about his son’s murder.

Various formats from p to p HD or even p.

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Rikuo tells his grandfather to make him the Third Heir to the Nura Clan and states that he is willing to undergo any training to become stronger.

By doing so they hope to trap Hagoromo Gitsune in Nijo Castle the first seal. In the morning, Kana asks Rikuo if his night form is his friend. Watch Nurarihyon no Mago: During the fight, Rikuo comes to understand the real power of Nurarihyon and manages to cut the fear of his enemy.

In a meeting with the leaders of the Nura Clan, to everyone’s surprise, Nurarihyon declares that his grandson will be the next heir. Air Date Nurarihyon no Mago: Animeuploader Choose This Server.

Sennen Makyou episode 17 online streaming terbaru dan gratis download film anime sub indo tamat. Download Anime Nurarihyon no Mago: However, she doesn’t answer and insists that he not visit her again.


Yohime realizes that she is in love with Nurarihyon and decides to stay by his side. On the way he was tricked by demons into going the wrong way. In rage, Tamazaki tries to kill Rikuo. News of his mother’s illness prompted Umewakamaru to want to see her. This episode is a recap of episodes Download Nurarihyon no mago sennen makyou episode 11 mp4. The second season originally aired from July 3, to December 25,and broadcast in the United States and Canada on Neon Alley from January 28, to May 20, The leader aka Youkai.

The assassin who killed Hihi attacks while they talk and Yura leaps to Nurarihyon’s defense, thinking he is but a simple old man.

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Although Hakuzozu refuses to join Rikuo, he advises him to go to the Fushime Inari Shrine, location of the eighth seal. Just as she’s about to be killed Rikuo saves her. So, this seems to be.

My string makes good dental floss Episode 11 There is just something odd about this series with how the execution of the ideas is always. The head of the rat clan who kidnapped the girls lures Rikuo to his lair. In the fng episode we find Nura having to defend Yura from her own.