Hoping to see more episodes of this quality til the end. But when I do. Visit this blog That I’m working with my friend http: It was good episode and interesting male lead. Right now history will still on the same path. Especially if you like Japanese history. The main character also has the manly attitude that is lacking in some recent harem animes. It’s a rare show I tell you.

I think I have fallen for Nobuna! Im actually amazed how good that was. Me, this harem hating girl is enjoying this harem! I like the MC and I like the part that there is no forced ecchi. I hope the writers keep this in mind. I can’t wait for the next episode, considering the preview hints at the potential for quite a bit of action.

New members are welcome! Tho would it be good for economy. Recent Watched Ignored Search Forum. Very balanced anime, for two ep’s at least. Huge step up from last episode imo.

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Im actually amazed how good that was. Glad they didn’t ruin the hand kiss oath at the end with some stupid ecchi shit. Oda Nobuna no Yabou Episode 2 Discussion. That cheer was exceptional. I think I have fallen for Nobuna! I wonder how history is going to play out now that Nobuna’s brother is alive.

I hope the writers keep this in mind. It seems that so far, it hasn’t disappointed me. Let’s see what Madhouse has up their sleeve for episode 3. But will you believe that one in the end. At one point, after spending a lot of time on MAL, you just realize it’s totally pointless. Enjoyable historical anime so far. On MAL, everyone who has used the lame rating system becomes a critic and an intellectual by default, haven’t you heard?


Plot is really good, characters are damn interesting, and MC is not someone i would hate. I think what took place is a feature of Japanese heritage, not a demonstration of Yoshiharu’s ysbou in his prior knowlege. This show is definitely better and more interesting than I expected. What i wonder about is there have been allot of anime and manga revolving around the war era of Epieode and i guess some of them are to inform about Japanese history but with so many different story’s around which all have a different ending.

Am glad I decided to watch, its very nice so far, the animation is wonderfully done well at least to me, I’ve seen people called it average.

I think he had committed to Oda’s cause and, having cast his die and lost, he was willing to take the hit for the future she represented. He just became another person in history Oda clan’s ninja. This is probably the best Sengoku Era-themed anime I’ve ever seen. I hope they keep it the way it is now! This anime is going pretty good!

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Just as, near the end when Katsuie was begging Oda to execute her in place of Oda’s brother. Will be interesting once that happens. But it’s at least better than her randomly killing everyone. I’m no always like historical gender-bender anime. Forum Settings Nobna Information Forums. It’s been absolutely fantastic so far.


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But when I do. It also fairly amusing and the characters are likable. However, I have to admit that this one in particular is seemingly enjoyable. This anime is so underrated it feels like. Also the main isn’t actually a clumsy idiot despite the “monkey” name. Except Nobuna won’t become ruthless warlord like Nobunaka.

Sagara is a badass, he stopped Nobuna from killing her little bro not to mention standing his own to her when she was about to execute him.

The more he “changes” what happens, the less he’ll be able to depend upon his knowledge of how things work out. BBCode What meal should I cook for tonight? Also, it seems that Sagara might be a little jealous?

Hope they’ll stay away from excessive ecchi. Love the scene at the end. Pretty touching towards the end still will history in game really be changed guess we will have to see. This anime is good so far. Despite, the knowledge looks like Sagara cannot prevent what would happen in the next episode. It looks like the Azai clan’s crest, and if my assumption is correct, then that man is most likely Azai Nagamasa