What do you think you know to dare to lecture me. I will go in first. She puts the pendants down and quickly drinks water. December 11, at 5: TB has once said to SY that he was unable to date anyone more than 3 times because he loved HR too much. KJ says to the parents: I told you to explain why are pretending to be single and working with your ex-girlfriend. HR says yes I met him.

Credit to psycho for the video and thank you Rienz and ninahime for posting them here. They both compete with each other to look better in the photos. I took you in and raised you and this is what you do. Fanderay is going to go screencap happy tm so you will probably see this kiss from every angle — aerial, side, zoomed, panned out, etc. The guy says to say it cuz he needs to know what it is to understand or not. J holds TH back and says ajussi to TH and walks away. He imagines SY sitting alone waiting all these times. Notify me of new posts via email.

She sits up and asks: TH listens to KJ say hello to him.


SY knows who that woman was a while ago? J smiles at TH for doing that. Notify me of new comments via email.

Did you make this yourself? Y says my boyfriend. He mentions how for the past few years he was mistreated by his wife.

JE is totally head over heels for TH already, and it’s only the beginning of their relationship! Did your parents give you permission? Out of jail card free. As a woman trying to compete in a male dominated world, she felt forced to hide her condition, suffer silently while keeping an open mind and trying hard to understand TB.

Passionate Kiss of Joo Won in Ojakgyo Brothers Episode 36

Hi softy passing by and saw all the deconstruction comments on the episodes. I think i saw broothers lipstick dropped!!! I keep trying to focus on his dimples too. The dad asks TB: Before anything, I hope he admits the truth to his family.

Ojakgyo Brothers Episode 36 [1/2]

He asks if he should turn the radio on for her. J replies looking guilty: She knows and that brat SY is leaving it alone?

December 11, at 5: Everyone is gathered at breakfast. J walks closer to ask: One of the best episodes so far.


Ojakgyo Brothers Episode 36 [1/2] – video dailymotion

SY is trying to work and remembers her mom asking — does TB love you? The Empress Of China Episode Meteor Garden Episode He has finally accepted he is in love with her, but he just doesn’t know how to deal with it and for that grothers, is doing all kinds of silly things.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here TP keeps laughing so TH warns he will highkick him. J scowls at her and says: My Golden Life Episode Hopefully TB and SY enjoyed that cake fight, because it was probably the calm before the storm.

I think we all notice the jumping because something was off with the editing yesterday. It sort of saps the fun for me.