By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. The baby that was born from a miracle I think she said she wanted it to be born free of any of that stigma in this world but not sure of the wording SY used More than anything I liked TB. I love where we end up by the end of Episode 10, the setup for what I think will be the best part of the story. Mom goes in the house Mom takes J some citrus tea. Email Address never made public. He wonders why she dated a playboy rather than a good guy, to which she scowls that she was probably better suited for a playboy.

They both get to work. Do I really have time for that?!?!?!? J makes a list of stuff she needs to focus on. I just feel bad for Ja Eun when she will find out abt the contract…. Mom wonders why the garlic basket was turned over. Dad stares at the mom. I want to tell you everything.

I hope that this whole debacle will spur TH into action, and get him to seriously start investigating the accident in the next episode he has that notebook to get him started.

Now watch Ye-won getting the short end of the stick for the series’ final. Ye-won is mostly amused when Kyung-joon walks into her office alive and well. While I like bromance as much as anyone, I dislike it when relationships between men are treated as more important than brotherw between women.

I wont live with you.

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The casts chemistry are great. He is unfailingly, heart-breakingly good to the people he loves.

More than anything I am sorry and I was wrong about the first moment you arrived when dad hesitated— dad…dad is really sorry. The thing about Tae Hee is how careful he is towards everyone he loves. She is a righ heiress and spends like one but she is a sweet girl… unlike the chaebols of kdramas with issues.


From a lifetime in the work world, I can say that YH is behaving like a typical manager.

The mom tells him to hold her umbrella and unzips and goes into the tent. We worked so hard so giving up without knowing the result is too unfair. Not experiencing enough hardship is not good for the soul. They walk in and SY brothrs there. Episode 3 by Regals.

Love this drama and the actors had done good job especialy yoonah and jong ki caracter are too difficulte and they did a great job. Take my word for it GF, if you’ve started Ojakgyo, you’re in for a treat.

I thought it was ok at the start but it became really wobbly about 6 episodes in. And then they spend the rest of the show being good to each other. At the store the sales lady says these are the ones women in their 20s look for refap most. What does he want. TP says yes so Y hides. Bong says how the evidence suddenly disappeared the day after he found out about the car repair. You also need to eepisode JavaScript enabled in your browser. He pushes back her hair and touches her cheek.

There is a firework display on stage with a drop down banner even. I have always wanted to become an actor since my childhood ojakkkyo I have hoped to garner any award at an awards ceremony some day, and it was certainly the moment that I have dreamed of. I never betrayed you father and mom- I tried all this time to keep my promise to you father that Brpthers would live well. Dad and TB keep drinking. SY tries not to laugh aloud.


She’s gonna go a long way I hope you continue to like the show and I look forward to reading your episkde. I never did anything to feel ashamed for. A casual vest rbothers a peacoat and a dress shirt? Taking that as a sign of loyalty, she cheerily bids him good night. I caught it in the middle and I like how each brother has a different arc and how different their stories are and the things they have to go through to grow.

Thank you girlfriday, and Happy new year.

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But I guess now J will refuse what GM said n want to wait until yrs later like what she told to Dad. TP tells TS to keep doing what he was doing and hold hands too. You know that, too, right? I don’t believe that the story they did have in mind redap this one.

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J looks around to check more and looks disappointed. Yeah I saw that! Though i guess my enjoyment of the cuts means i could possiby enjoy the drama so i may give it a chance! Do you ojak,yo they’ll really end up together?