In until now OVJ Roadshow appears in a special way street. For example in the jargon of computer likes mouse, keyboard, RAM. There is some example of the episodes that has aired are: It contains two parts such as spoken and written language variety. For example the word of jargon forms in computer such as hardware the physical parts of a computer , virus a program that has been deliberately created to cause computer problems. For example register in journalistic, literary, military, economy, and education.

What are the forms of jargon in Opera Van Java? The way of shortened takes the first syllable from the word. That jargon has many functions, it can identify the people activity and also jargon can be used to make easy in communication with the other in some field but for the people that do not know with these words not interest to follow in the conversation because they are do not understand. The frequency is same as of word form. There is one feature or Jargon in Opera Van Java is made to use in activities that connected with the audience. Register is based on the field, style, formal level, and media. Akibat Lupa Ingatan b.

In the modern society, the function of language is increasing. Based on Ives states that jargon has some functions: It has the small number because it is only connected with the players.

Episoce, disana gunung disini gunung ditengah-tengahnya Pulau Jawa in Opera Van Java means that appendix of poem. Directive The language can make the listener to do something with the speaker wants.

If something has to be mentioned often, it is easier to mention in jargon than the explanation. The language variety from the speaker aspect It is the language variety that has individual characteristic and come from the group who has relative number in the one region or area. Background epiosde the Study Language is very important in our life. Jargon in Opera Van Java is difficult to understand by the other people or audience that unfamiliar with Opera Van Java. Significance of the Study This study is expected to give some advantages, as follows: Drakula Cari Mangsa t.



There is one feature or Connotative Meaning Not all the jargon in Opera Van Java has denotative meaning; it also has connotative meaning although in the small frequency.

Which aired on Saturday at It found that the form of jargon in word is very important to make the programs more interesting. It vondowoso obtain from the conversation, utterance, and also read the article that connected with this research.

Choosing the jargons based on its source and form. As mentioned in the data of table above, there are two meanings of jargon in football sport: Awal Mula Amerika g. There is 1 feature or If the speakers are the homogeny in the ethnic, social status, profession so there is no language variety because the language is same. Jargon has many forms like in word, meanings, and functions.


Opera Van Java players are easier if they use jargon to communicate with others player. Frequency 6 1 7 2. So, it has the function to express the thinking, idea and feeling. Language interacts with every other aspects of human life in this society. This poem ussually used by Parto bindowoso finish the programs in Opera Van Java.

The connotative meaning of jargon in Opera Van Java is very important to know and understand what the speakers mean. The value of sociolinguistics is the light which it throws on the nature of language on general, or on the characteristics of some particular language.

Opera Van Java

Phrase A phrase is two or more words that work together as a unit. It can be seen in the teaching and learning process of language that the rule of language explained with language and also like in bondowoo dictionary. Maling This word is used as an accusation of any player OVJ when players want to mischievous with others players.

The Meaning of Jargon in Opera Van Java As mentioned in theoretical framework in the chapter Bnodowoso before, the lexical meaning can be divided into two elements such as denotative and connotative meaning.


The forms of Opera Van Java jargon are classified into word, phrase, and abbreviation. There are there features or Language is an important communication form to interact between one people to the other people.

In until now OVJ Roadshow appears in a special way street. The purpose to make intruction to Opera Van Java player.

If every people in that group speak in the same language so it is not to be the sociolinguistics problem on the society. Jargon is one of the language variations in sociolinguistics. Balada Nyai Ronggeng k. Using jargon is the effective ways to communicate between the groups in the some profession. There is some example of the episodes that has aired are: The use of jargon in Opera Van Java is very advantageous because it can make easy in communication with the other.

The subject of a research is often called data source. An introduction to lingustics Fifth Edition. The jargon usually used bondooso start a new segment on staging Opera Van Java.

The meaning is same as. So, the language in jargon is different in common language and people in the outside of the group difficult to understand about this word.

Metalingual The language has the function to explain about the language itself. Trades and profession have specialized terms that people who work in the field know. Slang is a label that is frequently banndung to denote certain informal or faddish usages of nearly anyone in the speech community.

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In Opera Van Java, there is no acronym. For the teachers, this research is expected to provide an additional teaching material for teacher so that it can be used for teaching jargon in the class.

Prikitiew An association of whistling aimed to tease someone.