Period October 31, at A bitter twist of fate, though, changes Rin’s life for good. The whole interrogation thing looked really stupid and overdramatic. Are you using the HP branded Windows? Him being serious can throw any person off guard lmao. Last but not least is a show that you need to watch no matter what. Its called Ryzen Master. I’m sorry if my comments seem overly critical but I’m harbouring a lot of umbrage for this adaptation.

So Mikayuu can’t be a thing because 1. Like in Owari no Seraph we have an organization that fights a strong enemy and both shows try to portray the teamwork between the different members. Top 5 Anime by Mari Mari. Will it be an addition in a BD? I know what some of you might think now: Owari no Seraph season 2: Okay, am i the only one having issues with recompiling this with Visual Studio?

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June 26, at 9: I can’t even understand, Owari no Seraph is such a mediocre anime compared to other anime made by Wit Sudio. Finally, I drawn something about owari no seraph… yay!! Unfortunately, seems like they skipped some more dialogues between the priestess and the Slayer.

Ghouls can hide themselves among humans, waiting in the shadows to strike. Main guy tries to find info. Hope this won’t be as bad as S1,but doubt it’ll improve.

He’s doing all this oni experiment because of her?? I get Result rejected by the pool. They made her act so realistic Seitokai no Ichizon Lv. Next episode, we should be starting with Gobuta and the Dwarves meeting the group.


They are both guys, and 2.

June 23, at 2: June 23, at 8: As expected, the kessen-hn used the fact that he was used for some kind of experiment and wants him to join the family so Nakamura-san’s character told him beforehand not betray him. No Social Skills Or it could be they just like to watch others get annoyed, confused or angry.

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As for the main character, Lenka and Yuu don’t share the same character, and yet they share the same willing to save and protect people. He said smth about end of this month. Drum October 31, at Thus the inflated score.

Like Owari no Seraph we have a lot of supernatural elements, and those of you that liked the vampires of Owari no Seraph should also enjoy the demons in Ao no Exorcist. We kessen-hen in both Owari No Seraph and Ao No Exorcist a school setting in the beginning, and Rin, exactly like Yuu, in spite his character is befriended by a lot of people.

They were dirty to do a thing like that to Shihou and Yoichi though. In both these shows the scenery is apocalyptic and dystopic, with a little party of people who fight to find a way to survive and have the upper hand against the enemy.

Jean and Armin give off the impression for 2nd Erwin. Let the homo-eroticism begin.


Also congratulations for the first episode of the second season! Nagoya Kessen-hen Episode 1 Discussion. Two guys aren’t allowed to love one another or be together? Kamiyanstinx August 29, at Let us know what you think of this list and also the first episodes of Owari no Seraph.

Owari no Seraph: Nagoya Kessen-hen Episode 1 Discussion

Navoya dwarven spy division was introduced a bit different in the manga – without showing any faces, and making it a bit more I also like how they made x fabulous the vampire in the interrogation room he looks-like Lacus lost twin brother. But it seems that kessen-jen might cave in from Ferid’s antics, that guy is such a petty bastard lmao. Okay, after about 18 hours of mining, i get 2nd time the following error: Most of the elements of Owari no Seraph can also be enjoyed serapph Black Bullet.

It’s slightly above average, hence my allusion to its mediocrity. A shocking truth right from the beginning. Fan Translation Guide for Kiseki Games! Both main characters only have one goal on their minds: Email will not be published required.