But sadly he mistook them as ” tamils ” and he wanted to respond their laughs and ridicules in a severe way which he did extraordinarily well. The show is produced by Vikatan Televistas Pvt. Although a prime target, the LTTE could not get him while he was alert on active duty. Another incident which made prabhakaran angry is uma maheshwarans love affair with urmila as it was against organisation’s rules but uma refuted it which made him a bit more angry and they decided to part their ways in This statement is a bit gross generalization and lets get deeper into this. Is he one of those who was finished after surrendering, like Yogi or Ramesh? We have turned a blind eye forgiven? Also the 16th amendment to make sinhala and tamil to bethe languages of administration and legislation.

For example in a company if the general manager delegates his powers to the marketing,finance,production,human resource managers etc and they in turn delegate their powers down the line then the company will run efficiently,provided the line of command monitors everything and have a feedback system. I love to read about battles and i enjoyed this very much. I believe he was killed by the government. I agree with your opinion and I respect your open hearted expression. What were his goals? It is time to reconcile.

He also made it worse by killing move. Balraj was in Vaaharai when the tsunami struck on Dec 26th Looks like a complete overhaul may be needed,not just a minor repair.

To the whites you are only another asian…. Priyamanaval present Nayaki present. Sinhala it self a mixed blood.

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Both of them were caught red handed by pandy bazar police. We do have short memories. Now that the war as we allaigal it is over, I hope we will someday write about Gen Larry Gunarathne, Gen Kobbekaduwa, Capt Kotelawala etc they were a different brand of warriors.


They were not even allowed to take their belongings and there are many reports about the massacre of muslims and 58, people were made as refugees. Even Jesus called a hypocrite a hypocrite!! I am doing the prayer very week for all suffered eelam people. DBS Jeyaraj can be reached at djeyaraj yahoo.

Omvie leader srisabharathinam was shot dead by kittu in konda.

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But theres a great economic depression in their regionone Kg of rice costs Rs and itsfor sugar and petrol viz due to the economic constraints place on their region. Also the 16th amendment to make sinhala and tamil to bethe languages of administration and legislation. Without proper rendering supportyou may see question marks or boxesmisplaced vowels or missing conjuncts instead of Tamil script. He was constantly monitored and degraded in ranks and later found out to be an informer to RAW and in march 31he was arrested and in december 28 he was given death penalty by the tigers.

Balraj reportedly had oystha miraculous escape when he was engulfed by the water.

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They realised the value of education and technology and they actively joined in schools and colleges. In fact prabhakaran and premadassa joined hands in a point to drive IPKF away from lanka.

Negro spiritual line quoted by Martin Luther King Good bye sweet prince. Not so long ago, he was quoting from the Scriptures.

The youngest is Anand, a press photographer. The soldiers behan withdrawing from the main camp and began converging at the adjacent helipad and its environs.

He also violently injures Vichu and tries to kill him. May you write more and more articles like this. They destroyed it while withdrawing. She was anti Tiger but she was pro tamils there.


He fled Tamilnadu just before the Rajiv killing happened. Balraj also went to the houses of people who had supported the LTTE during the Indian army campaign amidst great risk and hardship.

Sunday, October 19, In The End. There is a Tamil home it is in India.

Tigers were then considered to be weakest in their history until this happened. Baljar cannot wash away the blood of the surrendered Mullativu army camp soldiers from his hands, no matter what airbrush is used.

Prabhakaran’s dad rushed to TN and spoke with M. Alaital kumaratunga was the daughter of srimavo bandaranayake and she alaital the president in august 19I mean really, seriously do we need to waste time on dead murderers and terrorists who were hiding behind their own women and children!?! As expectedshe announced separate entrance examinations for tamils and sinhalese. What I know is that in the last stages the good Brigadier was suicidal.

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This I would look forward to read. Karuna joined LTTE in and was a special commander in mattakalappai and ambarai. Thank you for these articles on Balraj. Thank you mateif you have read all my stuffs from the beginning. They thought the same of Vijay Kumarathunge. It included kumarappa commander in chief for triconamalee region alaigaal pulenthiran commander in yazhpanam region.