Reese and the therapist. Martine is growing on me loved her bar scene. I would say yes. The only one that I can think that beats it is Banshee. And how could I not mention that ending?! I love Bear, but he will be their downfall. Was he saying that was her actual career previously or alluding to using “investigator for the Hague” as a cover for her current operation? I always like the ELias storylines and from the look of the next episode promos its gonna get hot for Elias.

So there was a tunnel beneat the pool and its roof was pool’s floor. Basically when i saw it said suspected gang activity, it just seemed way to obvious for it to actually be Dominics gang taking out the cameras. When they do that, it tends to be a sympathetic perpetrator. Could be that they’re linking him with the guy that’s there to fill out the seats because it was him? You know, head of HR? British, of course, but ahead of its time in this area.

Take a bottle and fill it with water. Is the future up for the Machine????

But the clear implication is that that relationship continues in this new form — and that the franchise continues.

But I swason don’t remember the last one where the number was actually intending to kill someone. Some third party will think they are important to finding leverage over the man and she’ll end up as collateral damage.

Is there anything that pooch 4z09 do? It just seemed because that was the only time Finch as substitute teacher did a lesson. Upon reflection, it seems to me the direction you wind up being washed [say, east or west] would be random. What will happen with Shaw? Yeah, it would be nice to fold back in especially since Finch is still so conflicted over the Machine itself. It also seems that Martine will have to be eliminated before she can report on Shaw’s whereabouts and cover?


The Flash 4×09 Promo – The Flash vs Thinker Mid Seas…

Elias story, they’ve basically taken the two best storylines remaining on the show. I love that she keeps a machine gun persin beneath her counter. With Finch doing his “all my efforts 4×099 for bad results” pity party as of late most notable burning up the 3D printersI wonder if they’ll spring this on us later if Finch and Dominic were to ever meet.

This one is in the bag, John! Hey, Chicago Fire – Veni, vidi, vici. It’d be an interesting plot turn. Which Secrets Were… Anyone else noticed that the professor that dominic mentioned was Finch?

If you require any help with SpoilerTV, please don’t hesitate to contact us but please check the links below to see if they will help you first. A investigator for The Hague?!?!! That’s my educated guess anyway. Just an appearance in unforgettable so maybe she is just a guest? Recent Reviews All Reviews.

No new episode next week, or the following week. And no, to answer Tim’s question, I don’t think this is the best season. But if scene doesn’t stand up to oromo this one doesn’t then it’s worse than nothing. Gangs in heavy camera areas will break the cameras in order to conduct their business of selling illegal items.

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I also didn’t like that they were supposed to kill the police plant, but held him in that school alive for exactly long enough seasn Reese to get there. What does Samaritan do? She’s a deadly combination of bad ass: In any case, I’m really looking forward to the next episode: How’d you ptomo to learn the ropes from that guy?

Ijterest was quite obvious that she was going to avoid being killed by Martine in the store, though she did it in style. I’m a big TV fan, with my range of shows almost exclusively dramas.


But if you mean something to someone… if you help someone or love someone, and even a single person remembers you… then maybe you never really die at all? If keeping tablets from NYC school children is bad in his mind, I wonder what will come if Dominic were to pop up and say something like “look, my old math teacher”.

The next episode is going to be amazing, and I can hardly wait. I agree with the thinking that Root may have gotten a heads-up from the machine and will show up just in time to save Shaw. Hmm, my oof tended to have this dog around with them a lot.

Discovery Star Wars: See below for the screen shot forepisode I’m talking about. A street gang out hurting lives and killing people The next episode has the setup to become one of the best episodes ever behind The Devil’s Share, always: John’s storyline is starting to get boring.

They were both excellent episodes. I thought it was funny when Silva lost her gun when she dove in. It’s not like you could aim for a direction easily, the whirlpool is twisting you. Anyway, it’s interesting speculation. You jump in, swim to the whirlpool, let it suck you down into psrson completely dark tunnel, hoping you don’t hit your head.

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When they do that, it tends to be a sympathetic perpetrator. Reece’s shrink seems shady. Once pulled down through the hole they’d appear on top of tunnel beneath and drop down from there, with high chances of injury.