I do have to say that the way this hull is put together it should hold up very well, the bracing is almost overkill when compared to other hulls. You cant just take off running over big waves just any ol way and be safe about it. Length and speed and quick throttle response alongnwith knowing how to read and run the waves makes more of a difference than the v. You cannot post new topics in this forum You cannot reply to topics in this forum You cannot edit your posts in this forum You cannot delete your posts in this forum You cannot post attachments in this forum. Do you have any pics you’ve posted online? They’ll take you out on a test drive and spend some time helping you decide what your needs are.

Wed Jan 14, 1: Mon Feb 25, 6: Release the Swamp Monster in your motor!!!!!!!!!!!! Did you end up getting the mod V front with flat bottom or flat all the way? Can’t figure out how to post pics It may even be something they’re building themselves.

I’m constantly checking website to see if the section is up yet. Mon Jan 26, 7: You cant just take off running over big waves just any ol way and be safe about it. Again, I am not a prop FE, I just know what I have seen and been told and what I have seen on a few rigs we tested props on.

Im not doubting you, but segies kind of find it hard to believe. I do have to say that the way this hull is put together it should hold up sedies well, the bracing is almost overkill when compared to extrem hulls.

As for the front rails, I think the best way to do them is to have them line the sides up to phlwler the front deck ends. We have alot of our hulls running in Central MN, mostly flat front jons. Got hydroturf in the floor and in the boxes yesterday and looks awesome waitin on one BIG sheet to get phowlet today and will put it on the deck then post some more pics.


No stand-up bar either. Release the Swamp Monster in your motor!!!!!!!!!!!! Wed Jan 14, 4: Like I told you yesterday, damn good looking rig and it appears to be built for the long haul. Wed Jan 14, 4: The floor is completely level: Wed Jan 14, 6: Did you get those from Phowler as well?

Phowler extreme v custom duck boat with modded 35hpMud Buddy – The Hunting Beast

Deck – Total Deck space from point of bow to edge is roughly 65″ Shark ohowler running lights Love the 3″ gunnels they put on these boats for extra support and great to add courtesy lights underneath. We ran some demos and even took one of the little Prowler sneak boats with a 12hp Cooperhead out in foot waves, it did great, was safe and stable.

After I adjusted the trim tab I got better performance but still nothing like it should have been. Google [Bot]mnugent, Mr. I would be kinda disappointed with that loaded speed willet You can run dry ground with a PD? I would love to have this same exact boat shrunk down a little bit to about 18 feet. Props to the guys from Big Water Outdoors and their partners for putting the Veterans hunt together, it was an experiences those 8 young men will always remember.

Phowler did you right and one hell of a deal. Is it still hooked right there? I was just on the backwater motors website and saw a boat in one of their videos that may work for you too. You might also be dealing with some proposing from the clever prop, we have seen this on a number of modds set-ups, to much lift from the prop seems to cause this issue right at the 30mph mark.

I thought they also might be handy to attach a blind to although if I could get brackets for their gunwale rail system, that’d be better. BTW Willett, very nice rig. The MV hull maintains its full planing surface and is flat from the base of the rake back, ensuring you will get the same shallow water performance as the standard Extreme hull.


Here are some pictures: My experience has shown me that there is not enough v in a mod v to slice the waves. I personally have a gatortail but I extree have to worry too much about big water. Mabe one of them shinny aluminum ones and be a real “Stud”!!!!!! MN, I have the regular flat bottom extreme series. Previous topic Next topic.

I added 3 courtesy lights under the gunnel on each side and 2 round courtesy lights in the deck facing the rear and in the transom facing the front I would like to find out how much that option would cost Paul do you build those regularly and if so what’s the cost? They offer several different styles plus they custom fit it to your boat. Man, you gave up the Ferrari like ride of the last boat for the Suburban like comfort and safety of the v-bow, what did you expect?

Phowler Extreme V?

That v-bow is a helluva big boat just like my Extreme with 25″ sides. Im sure once you play with them trim tabs you’ll be running 30 all phowller with a light load. Remember us talking about how my boat was riding very low in the bow?

Very dry for a mud boat and lighter than aluminum. The floor has a gutter on each side, so I think you could pretty easily fish wires under there, as long as they’re OK to seriez wet bilge water under the floor.

Did you get rear rails? Esries out the video posted on the previous post and be looking for parts to see the boat running and listen to the feedback from the owners and their clients on how it does on the water in real hunting situations.