But then, Zindel was writing in the seventies, and the book jacket is covered in critical pra I just re-read this for the first time as an adult and was surprised to discover how little there really is to this book. Guilt was mostly felt by Lorraine and John, the main characters who are high school sophomores in America. Mar 25, Floz rated it it was amazing. Except for one thing. First is the phone call Lorraine made to Mr. Overcome with grief and the heaviness of the recent events, Mr. She lacks confidence and thinks she isn’t very attractive, though this is partly down to her mother’s criticisms. The pressure given to them by a massive audience becomes the reason for the downfall of their great friend, The Pigman.

Recommended to Werner by: I hated John and Lorraine though, but especially John. I say that his grief, triggered by the death of Bobo, is. It’s a nice technique for different perspectives. To run around saying it did matter to me that I live in a world where you can grow old and be alone and have to get down on your hands and knees and beg for friends? Pignati dropped, he had died he had nothing left other then the sadness inside him.

And while our two narrators have dawning male-female feelings towards each other, those feelings are experienced in a cultural context that still presupposes teenage sexual abstinence as the norm, not a toxic surrounding culture that aggressively legitimatizes and promotes teen sexual activity. Physically both of them have parents John having his mother and father, Lorraine having her motherbut mentally they are not there for them.

Articles needing additional references from March All articles needing additional references Pages to import images to Wikidata. She does not want to take money from this poor old man, and says to John how it is wrong. It’s a nice technique for different perspectives.


The Pigman is a young adult novel written by Paul Zindelfirst published in Then she raised her arm and zjndel me once across the face. So, so glad I did!

This book is frustrating for readers because we know they should or should not do some things, but it is also entertaining and relatable.

But neither of them, at their core, are genuinely bad kids though Lorraine has a bit more of a moral compass than John doesand they’re capable of learning from mistakes. It’s not an easy book to review, however, not just because it’s been about 17 years since I read it I checked it out again from the library to skim over and refresh my memory on some points, which has vividly revived my memory of just how gut-punching it ultimately isbut also because it’s hard to discuss without spoilers.

They blame themselves for Pignati’s death, and believe that he would have been better off never meeting them in the first place. Numerous characters in this story die.

The Pigman

Poor John and Lorraine! One thing I thought was unique was the style in which the book is written. My brother, who was in sixth grade at the time, was assigned to read this.

The premise is pretty great, but the story itself just fell a little flat for me. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The sensibilities were different then. Their lives are their own. In my mind The Pigman has always suffered from being one of the dreaded “school books”.

The Pigman (The Pigman, #1) by Paul Zindel

The author uses the “truth of art” to convey, with great power, the importance of personal responsibility, of considering and taking seriously the possible consequences of our actions, of compassion and care for our fellow humans.


Apr 02, Anthony rated it it was amazing. His wife, Conchetta, is dead, instead of being on vacation as The Pigman has stated numerous times. To ask other readers questions about The Pigmanplease sign up. United States of America.

As the book opens, the two are typing up on a typewriter naturally at that period what happened to them and why the ‘Pigman’ died, so we know from the start what has happened, just not how or who the Pigman was. Also the ending was abrupt and too quick for my liking.

They reveal to him that they were never affiliated with any charity, and he reveals what they already know: The teenage narrators exclaim things like, “Dad, why can’t you see that I want to be an individual! And what’s your question? Today, all those kids would be on cellphones, and they’d be documenting the Pigman and all his eccentricities on Snapchat. Although commonly taught, this book has been banned in certain areas for numerous reasons, some including offensive language zindeo sexual themes.

I felt the story lacked plot and that there really wasn’t any character development throughout the story. This is shown when Lorraine states, “She came towards me, and I backed away until I was cornered by the wall. I’d like it more if I were a fan of Catcher in the Rye.