Et hanc riueriam continet prouintia Libie Cirenice que et Penta- polis. A ciuitate enim Effesiana memorata per riueriam in septem- trione ad uillam que dicitur Castori, mi. For the following reasons, we believe that the Commission should continue to operate the LPIF for at least three years before making a determination with regards to its ultimate duration. The hours tuned to CBC supper hour programming has increased by two-thirds and our reach has increased by 45 percent. Quod caput habet in euro portum per ml. Ce n’est pas tout.

Non longe a capite predicto est portus Sancti Laurencii ubi est uilla Laurana. Well, the first thing we do is we do what we tend to do whenever we expand in a market, which is we would go to the people who are in the market who might be interested in using the service and find out from them what it is they would need from us. Est enim triangula in mo- dum uele nauis tria habens promontoria, uno nomine Pelorum quod Torreta dicitur caput quod riueria iungitur mi. We would have no problem justifying that. Sinus Almiro ciuitatis uoluitur in septemtrione, et in occasu re- diens latus per mi. Prefata uero insula Sancti Angeli habet a circio iuxta se insulam paruam et alia m ab euro in riueria, in austro longe in transfretu per ml. Are you saying that you have cut back on your advertising because you have access to LPIF? Iera, bocca d’, b.

How would that manifest itself would depend on the amount and over time how quickly you did it.

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We have not varied in that particular sales force. Nationally I took a look at the stations that were on the list that you provided before lunch and we represent nine of them and all of them nationally are down, some quite significantly. I’m not looking for all the other parties that may have said what they said. But let me go to that afterwards.


I would ask Commissioner Duncan to lead the questioning. They did say they were going to look at other technologies as well, but they supported local TV. This contract actually took us about a year to negotiate, so Ad primam faucem fluminis Paui ml.

Sed antequam peruentum fuerit ad exitum insulae uia nauium est ita stricta inter insulam illam et Romaniam quod homo audiri potest ab una ripa in alteram.

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A quo capite distat ab ipsa emtier fere in septemtrione ml. Et ruinae magnae apparent et ruinae magnae murorum sunt ibi Hov. The third question that the Commission has asked us to address is the following: NTV has spent millions of dollars to make itself competitive through the implementation of HD upgrades at our studio and transmitter facilities in St.

What incentives do you have to actually do more?

Inde uoluitur sinus in faciem circii viie, cuius caput ultimus habet montes asperos et ante se duas insulas facientes ibi portum habentem ingressum a septemtrione et occasu, quibus in circio iacet insula Sichillo longe ml.

Cui in monti Syna iacet in oriente non longe sinus maris Rubri unde filii Israel per medium siccis dpisode. Bell has no qualms arguing, in paragraph 42 of its written submission, that:. Inde uoluitur sinus Nature per ml. Ab Hauharan ad Grestel43 montem, habentem iuxta ante se in- sulam Esbaphiran, computantur mi.

A Gibelthara uoluitur sinus per fretum Gaditanum epiode mi. And I think through those initiatives we have created an environment that leaves us better prepared to fight the fight should those funds be eliminated, decreased, re-evaluated. For our industry the financial crisis is not over.


I will quote him here. So I think we have to continue to try to make that argument.

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That’s an excellent question, Commissioner Menzies. In[de fundum uero ab oriente egreditur flumen.

We have no problems. One of them is yours, Ms Spenrath. But my question was about priorities, Mr. It has diminished over time and, in fact, our licence ends with those particular game shows next year and they are not being replaced by foreign programming. Turtasa uersus montana a mari distans per duo nostra miliaria Narr.

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In Europa uero a Bulimie et Sennar reclinatur riueria inter occasum et circium epixode ad punctam per quam manat quoddam blele inter Elbor et Lascussi Cassar, faciens aliquantum sinum a flumine Yspalie ciuitatis que nunc Sibilla dicitur incipiens, extenditur ml. Habet insula Nigripo eiusdem no- minis ciuitatem a facie occidentali in medium eius, ubi mare angus- tatur contra riueria m que percurrit ad sinum Statue per quartam miliarii, et percurrit sua riueria in austro et in oriente per littora Ca.

It may be different, it may not be the cheapest. 2206 we are a small station in a small province, so a 1 million dollars represents a huge percentage.