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A Duratho ad flumen prefatum, ut diximus, ml. The other aspect is that you have a different mandate, etnier obligations, than private broadcasters do. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to present the point of view of Cogeco Cable as part of this public hearing on the review of the LPIF.


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We’re not at 5 percent yet but we hope to be by the end of the five year plan. Que Cinfalonia distat a Brundicio, de quo dicturi sumus, riuerie Appulie, ml.

I notice that your national time sales have actually increased.

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Lors de son transfert vers les Etats-Unis 1. We would now like to play you a short video presentation ej have prepared, which highlights some of the things that we have been able to accomplish over the past few years, largely because of LPIF funding. Respicit contra se in septemtrione ciuitatem Stanimuram riuerie Cilicie longe per ml. A capite Yscilidonum insularum extenditur riueria inter occasum et circium usque ad portum quod dicitur Crium per mi. A capite Val de Stagni iam dicto uoluitur sinus usque ad ciuita- tem Spalladum per mi.

How much of that national sales decline is linked to local production, because it would seem to me that your local production and your local news would be primarily local time sales. La provenance du recueil est inconnue.

These shows provide viewers with locally made programming they simply could not get anywhere else. Sinus item uoluitur a capite Martini usque ad Capitellum, que se ab inuicem respiciunt ab aquilone in africo per mi. But your point was that you were able to do capital upgrades while still spending money on local programming that you might not have done otherwise, and I am not sure that was our intent, so I would like you to address that.


He is anticipating perhaps sending more signals out there with interest rates going up. This is simply a business reality.

Super caput Valle de Stagno iacet insula Corciola habens in longitudine ml. I can appreciate that ad revenues are still suffering as a result of the downturn, but there is an argument that subsidies foster a sense of dependency.

But is there a particular reason that your national sales are up? We either signed it under the terms that they enforced on us, or we basically had to give up the licence, because we didn’t have any other option at that particular point. When there was an outcry about whether we should be doing this from certain competitors. That wasn’t what I was asking. Inde ad Rauennam quam prediximus ml. And we have to make it accessible, the more accessible possible. Essai sur la force politique des images, Paris, Seuil,p There may be other sources and there may be other ways of running your business more effectively and more efficiently.

Vice Chairman, we do that and it’s great and it’s fantastic and we’re doing the best we can. Ephise longe in transfretu per ml.