Mr Walt Williams, chair- man of Bethlehem Steel, said: Ford insisted that the new DOHC engine had a life expec- tancy of at least 10 -years. The sign no been taken down. The United Steelworkers of America said on Friday that its local union presidents, meeting in Pittsburgh, approved the plan which, restores wage tedes to levels, last seen when L the -US steel market collapsed and Bethlehem plunged into loss in It seemed to be the old mans mission in life. Beefeater Steakhouses Europe, which is supporting the first ever children’s festival in Cum- bernauld. After everyone got things backtogether this week, many went totown Saturday night just to relax alittle and enjoy hearing how every-one else was doing.

Iranian death call angers Palestinians Continued from Page 1 relations with Iran. What will interest British arts organisations is toe fact that, unlike most of its British com- petitors, it also works for arts bodies, and numbers many leading museums among its clients. One of their employees, Ernestino,returned to South Dakota Monday. So our Manager stepped in and offered lifts to the guests. IXp Royal insurance 13p Schraders The latest fighting high lighted the extent to which the intifada has become entrenched in the occupied ter- ritories.

The foreword to A Sand CountyAlmanac, Aldo Leopold’s environ-mental classic, points out, Whenwe see land as a community towhich we belong, we may begin touse it with love and respect. This will be 50 years. A meeting of the central committee last week also expressed concern about the effect.

He iscurrently serving in that position. My son, Wayne, phoned at onep. One of their employees, Ernestino,returned to South Dakota Monday. Avery was to be inducted into Na-tional Honor Society Mondayevening, but that event was post-poned also! Heserved on the Philip City Councilas as mayor from The weekend shelling, which killed at least 15 people and wounded 80, was the worst since the ceasefire bellee declared by the Arab League in Tunis on April There are explosives downthere, said Beewjz.


Ruth said they didseveral musical numbers and theresidents thoroughly enjoyed theshow.

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I applaud the Guptill’s carefulefforts to manage the health oftheir land and to hand that ethicdown to the next generation,” saidJim Faulstich, chairman, SouthDakota Grassland Coalition. Subscription Price after adjustment: He saidit was wonderful, and he hopes todo it again next year.

Roger andPeg Hunt Johnson, Pierre, werealso there. Often, extra caution came by way of an old man who warned us andany other kids who might be there that episodee creek could sweep kids to-ward the falls, and nobody wanted to go down the falls.

The three boysmissed Midland desperately afterthey retured to Florida, to the ex-tent that Harry tried to hitchhikeback beeuwz he was about 12 yearsold, and later was found by his par-ents trying to buy a plane ticket toget ‘home’ to Midland.

On other floors of plua six-storey building, executive meeting rooms arm offices are to he provided.

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National Power has already ; formally withdrawnits appKcfe Hon. Sud-denly he turned over on his sideand the snoring came to an abruptend. With, these ibey tint ing laboriously, then ffart to throw them at eackotivff; or.

The truth lies between the two versions. This autumn the Academy of St Martin in the Fields will launch a European Corporate Membership Scheme, spon- sored by Citicorp, which offers companies who join up 20 com- plimentary tickets for tbe European concerts of their choice. Jin Kui is a man of revolutionary visipn. The Canberra findings appear to tally with conclu- sions contained in a recently- published report by Agra Europe, the independent agri- cultural agency.

He lived next door toJoneses and his mother had manyfriends on that street, from EdnaJoy near main street, Kochs, Jones,Sammons, Quatiers, on up to IdaHunt ‘on the hill’ to the north. Having grown up on a farm, Iknow how precious the land is toSouth Dakotans who owe theirlivelihoods to our natural re-sources, said South Dakota Gover-nor Dennis Daugaard. The task is made more difficult by the nation’s debSkatiiig odd -md gioua divisions largely, but not exclusively, between an Arab Moslem north and aa African f!


The proposals are in a pam- phlet Published today by the Adam Smith Institute, the free market research organisation. Jon and Conniereturned home Sunday. The tills have enahled it to monitor work-rates more precisely.

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Thelma andLeona liked horses and workedhard to keep that place. Interment will be 1: In West Beirut, fears are growing that the Syrians will continue their bombardment in order to prevent the Arab League force from coining.

OakStreet in Philip, South Dakota. British fashion in the 80s, the succes- sor to similar ventures selling British achievements abroad – on pop and, more dubiously, sport. Based on a duplicated count,over 29, students participate ininterscholastic athletics and over28, more are involved in finearts activities. Two of the calves weighed 40pounds and the epiosde weighed 45pounds and from all reports theyare still living.

Gorbachev are but two, are equally consumed. The proposals follow attacks on Mr Lawson at the annual meeting of the National Asso- ciation of Pension Funds, where.

Between and the total number of VAT-registered businesses rose byto slightly more than 1. This move has been welcomed in Washington. Thisdrought is still a long way frombeing over.

That really is what isneeded. The US side is suggesting a substantial degree cf continuity in Imposi- tion compared with fite Reagan administration. In New Jersey, US, John Brown is supplying three gas turbine package power plants and the company has also secured a six-year operation and contract.