Zoroark in the Fog! Guarding the Guardian of the Mountain! Being Lost and Torn is the Road to Separation!? Battle In The Ruins! Do Your Best, Eteboth!! Balloons, Brionne, and Belligerence!

Episode — Cottonee in Love! The Tower of Mastery! Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The Explosive Land’s Wrath! Ash and his friends searched for the source of these waves that were caused by none other than Team Galactic. Battle on Snow Mountain. Mamoswine showed reaction to the Poffins and ate them all.

The Ice Chandelier – Decisive Blow!

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Juan, Artist of Water! Episode — Old Rivals, New Tricks!

That night, Dawn and her friends took a Phione watching tour on a submarine, unaware that pomemon submarine was crewed by Team Rocket. There they went to check it out and it was Team Rocket in disguise into this plan. Taggu Batoru de Nibi Jimu o Mamore!!

A Sibling Battle With Meowstic!! Battle of the Giant Sundial!

Challenging the Grand Trial!! Suddenly, they hear noises coming from the storeroom next door. Based in Kyoto, Japan, the produced and marketed a playing card game called Hanafuda.

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The Anistar Festival Showcase!! The End Of a Journey! Ash told him about his victory at the Canalave Gym. The Darkness that Eats Radiance!!


Dawn uses Mamoswine for the battle round and James uses Carnivine. Structurally, the Australian television industry was modelled on the two-tiered system that had been in place in Australian radio since the late s. The 5 Eevee Sisters! Ash and friends made a plan to get Pikachu and Piplup back. Episode — The Fleeing Tower of Sunyshore! Episode — Snivy Plays Hard to Catch! Eevee Fights for the First Time! Ash then uses Gliscor against Bastiodon, and after a tough battle, Ash and Gliscor emerge victorious, and are awarded the Mine Badge, Ash’s 6th Sinnoh badge.

Everyday a Heated Battle! All of them got through. Air Battle Master Appears! Episode — Top — Down Training!

Brock realized it’s because she wanted to admire Dawn’s Buneary for as long as possible. Piloswine also smells Team Rocket’s food, and eats it. The Explosive Birth of Z! After finding many leads, he soon learns that the ones responsible were Team Galactic! Episode — With the Easiest of Grace!

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Soon a Snover popped out of the bushes. In the final round, James wins the contest.


pyramidiny Friendship is a Diamond!! Together with Team Galactic’s Spear Key, this caused the low-frequency wave. Phione used Acid Armor and escaped down the drain to search for Buneary.

Hazuki to no Tatakai!! C’mon, Search for the Transformed Ditto! Battle Factory [Part 2] Transcription: Elite Four Genji Appears!! Batoru Paresu de Janguru Batoru!! Peering into the sky, all of a sudden they see what turns out to be a move called Draco Meteor.

Please help improve this article epizode adding citations to reliable sources. A Determined Runaway Act!

Tessen’s Electric Shock Battle!! Ash, Dawn and Brock meet Zoey and Candice after Zoey’s contest win and Dawn is trying to make new sequence and Zoey asks Dawn to battle her in a double battle and Zoey choose her newly captured Kirlia and Leafeon and Dawn chooses Cyndaquil and Mamoswine and makes her new move called ‘Flame Ice’.