All Season 13 Episodes. Once again, the ground erupts and rocks are sent flying to towards Pikachu. Ash then has Infernape use Mach Punch which hits and sends Electivire flying but it still lands on its feet. After dodging one Shadow Ball , it blocked the others with Mach Punch. Paul tells Ash he will battle him in the upcoming Sinnoh League. Deciding that Chimchar was too soft to use the kind of power he’d seen when it battled the Zangoose, Paul released it and Ash invited it to join him instead. Roark quickly identified it as Paul’s Chimchar that he had battled against before. Chimchar began to cry out of joy that it was finally treated with patience and kindness, something Paul failed to do as its Trainer.

Chimchar easily defeated Barry’s Staraptor , using its superior agility. Infernape surfaces below Electivire and hits it dead-on, but then takes damage from the poison it received earlier. Its anger and rage caused Infernape to lose any common sense, such as nearly fatally wounding its own Trainer, and it took Ash a large amount of effort and pain to finally calm Infernape down. In Chim – Charred! Chimchar escaped by using Dig but its Flamethrower was countered by Gyro Ball. It was later sent out again against Abomasnow once again after Staraptor and Grotle were defeated. Ash then decided to rely on speed after power wasn’t enough, but didn’t know how. Paul walks away relieved as the pairings for the semi-finals are revealed, showing that Ash’s next opponent will be the mysterious Tobias.

Please remember to follow the manual of style and code of conduct at all times. Electabuzz Type Electric Abilities Static. Roark quickly identified it as Paul’s Chimchar that he had battled against before. However, Infernape ultimately overcame this pokemom during its battle against Volkner ‘s Luxraywhere it managed to listen to Ash’s words and remained to retain its common sense while Blaze was activated.


Later, Brock and Dawn are walking outside and run into Barry, where they are all looking for Ash. Its Flamethrower was overpowered by Blizzard again but Chimchar was able to dodge.

As noted by Reggie, Infernape’s personality almost completely matches Ash’s, which is why they are a perfect match for one another. Chimchar volunteered to go up against Paul and faced Paul’s Ursaring. Incernape Like Team Spirit!

Despite evolving Monferno was defeated by Electabuzz. After joining Ash’s team, Chimchar overcame its fear of Zangoose and was used in many battles.

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Paul signals a goodbye to him, letting Ash know that he has earned his respect and bringing their long-standing rivalry to an end. Infernape and Electivire’s respect and admiration towards one another reached its peak during their final battle at the Lily of the Valley Conferencewhen the referee was about to declare Infernape unable to continue, Electivire angrily stopped the referee from ending the battle, knowing that Infernape could still continue, despite the fact that it would mean Paul winning the infernapee, but it seemed extremely delighted to see Infernape getting back to its feet, wanting to battle him for as long as possible.

Electivire and Infernape have a long standing rivalry, even from the Chimchar – Elekid days. Electivire uses Thunder to create a Counter Shield around the battlefield, but Infernape uses Dig to travel underground and avoid the attack.

After reaching its final evolved stage, Infernape gained an immense amount of fighting spirit, becoming fired up and determined to defeat strong opponents, while also always looking forward to battle an opponent stronger than itself, wanting to surpass its own limits and enhance pokmon skills. Ninjask’s Agility was getting the better of it so Ash told it to use Dig then Flare Blitz which heated up the field.


Ash’s Infernape

They both each land an attack before another Flamethrower by Infernape is blocked by Electivire’s Protect. The privacy and security policies differ. Electivire sends its tails into the ground and directs Thunder into it, which sends chunks of the earth up into the air elisode falling onto Gliscor.

Ash then recalled Chimchar. Views View View source History. Paul walks away relieved as the pairings for the semi-finals are revealed, showing that Ash’s next opponent will be the mysterious Tobias.

Fighting Ire With Fire!

As Paul is about to say something, Infernape almost falls from sheer exhaustion but is caught by Ash. Flame Wheel and Flamethrower. Report Inappropriate Screen Name Pokemon. He shows off all eight of the Badges he’s earned, which prove he’s ready to compete in the Sinnoh League!

Infernape’s Flamethrower drew with Luxray’s equally powerful Shock Wave. In Tears For Fears! Working on a Right Move! In Sliding Into Seventh!

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Like Paul’s Torterra this was its only defeat since it evolved from Monferno and it has won every other battle it was in. In Bagged Then Tagged! S13 Episode 2 Short and to the Punch! Later on it was sent out again to battle Paul’s Ninjask.