Sunaina’s spirit who has returned for a revenge, and also with Vikrant, who falls in love with Simar,’s jealousy. The series premiered on 25 April The show premiered on 25 April , produced by Rashmi Sharma Telefilms. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Vikrant tries to murder Prem and is sent to jail. To gain his powers back and return to the world, Kaal , with the help of some witches , among which are Mahamaya and Kamya, casts a spell on Simar and impregnates her with a child possessing evil powers.

In the end, Simar kills Bhairavi and Piyush marries Avni, promising her that he would always be by her side. Naagin season 3 Tantra Vish Ya Amrit: At the end of August , Mazher Sayed entered the show in the role of Prem. So her character of Anjali was shown to have arrested in the show. Check date values in: Shoaib Ibrahim left the show in as makers weren’t giving his character much screen space disappointment with the creative independence of the character. It is subsequently revealed than Bhairavi murdered him herself after he discovered she was a drug dealer and is using the Bharadvajs as a coverup of the truth in front of Sameer. Never got into the trap of being typecast, says Dipika Kakar”.

Sara Khan and Sayantani Ghosh to bid adieu to the show”.

Everyone suddenly goes missing. Simar finds out that Piyush has lost his memory due to the shock of seeing his wife deceasing and is being looked after by a girl named Avni Monica Sharma and her mother, Hema. Simar and Prem together help their children in their life. Former recurring cast need to be moved back to the top of the Recurring cast section, as cast members do not cease to be of academic importance just because they’ve left the series or have been written off.

In DecemberVaishali Takkar left the show.

serail Bhairavi has returned from jail, seeming changed to good, and living with Sameer and Sanjana, but is actually plotting her revenge, having paid Avni and Hema to kidnap Piyush and destroy the Bharadvaj Family from the inside. Simar is again heartbroken. Retrieved 3 August Swaragini — Jodein Rishton Ke Sur. Harman follows him but he is proved innocent.


After a leap, it’ll focus on younger generation so that’s my best TV comeback”.

They go to Swara’s house. While looking around the place of the accident for clues, Simar is kidnapped by Sunaina’s husband Vikrant and forced to leave her family and look after his daughter Sanjana.

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Simar gives them money but they refuse as they had arranged it earlier. However, the Mother Goddess Durgadeeply worshipped by the Bharadvaj Family, enters their household in the form of Simar, to destroy Bhairavi’s supernatural form and bring Simar back to life. Simar takes her son back to Bharadwadj House together with Avni and Hema.

Simar considers her daughter dead and asks the other family members to forget about her, comparing Anjali’s part of the family as a tumour which has to be cut and thrown away.

Naagin season 3 Tantra Vish Ya Amrit: In each Trishakti, three serials were broke down into parts and were shown one by one. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Anjali asks Simar rpisode Prem to go Kolkata. Any significant “supernatural cast” member should be moved to either the Main or Recurring sections. Later, Anjali is divorced due to the intrigues of her aunt-in-law and her own egoism, and returns to Bharadwaj House. Kaal awakens on Piyush’s th birthday, possessing him, and killing Roshni’s father, Sumit Kapoor Rushad Ranabut is finally defeated by a sorceress named Ridima.

She takes Prem with her. Vikrant tries to murder Prem and is sent moondri jail.

This page was last oplimer on 25 Februaryat After Simar helps Anjali managing her marriage, Anjali accepts her mother. Retrieved 11 October A daughter named Anjali is born and the Bharadwajs look after her with much love and care.

Together with Sameer, she enters the Bharadvajs’ mondru to avenge Prem for running her husband and Sameer’s father over. Former main cast members need to be moved back to the top of the Main cast section.

Section needs to be brought into conformity with WP: Programs currently broadcast by Colors. Kairi — Rishta Khatta Meetha.

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Pari apologises to Simar for her past mistakes. The Times of India. Retrieved from ” https: After Roli’s sad demise, Siddhand is remarried to Prerna Mansi SrivastavaSimar’s childhood friend and moves abroad with her.


Manish Raisinghan aka Siddhant to quit the show? Simar succeeds in taking keys from Parvati and gives it to Swara. The Saga of Mystery Box begins, leading to Aaliya, who shoots Roshni with a gun to avenge her father’s death who had committed suicide due to Piyush’s mistake, and Roshni sadly dies, leaving the family in sadness and making Piyush mad.

Shoaib Ibrahim left the show in as makers weren’t giving his character much screen space disappointment with the creative independence of the character. Please help improve this section if you can. This section may require cleanup to meet Wikipedia’s quality standards. Simar motivates her when she tells her that she is going to compete against her sister. In the end, Simar kills Bhairavi and Piyush marries Avni, promising her that he would always be by her side.

The show portrays the story of Simar and Prem searching for their son Piyush who got lost after Roshni’s death 6 months prior, and managing the married life of their adopted daughter, Sanjana. Simar, Roli, Prem and Siddhand also have to cope up with a supernatural creature: Aditya is found but taken by Mr. Sanjana loses her unborn child, leading to her and the family members’ sadness.

Swara buries Chandarmaani in sand famous for melting bad powers. Shakti — Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki.

When Avni tries to expose Bhairavi, the latter attempts to kill the former, but only succeeds in murdering Avni’s mother. Indian television soap operas Indian television series debuts Indian television series endings Colors TV channel series Indian supernatural television series Indian fantasy television series Television shows set in Delhi s Indian television series.