Alright Poptropicans, so you want to stop an otherworldly being and all you have is a shield, a bow and some power gloves. Omegon appears and taunts the HQ. Below you will find the video cheats walkthrough and below that you will find the full written walkthrough! The gray cape from the second-last girl in the bathroom line. Now run back to the line for the restroom. Now keep going towards the bathroom and talk to the woman and tell her that Bucky Lucas played Thor!

She’ll give you her business card, but she’ll run away before giving you the info. I had to refresh and log back in so many times! Click to enlarge the images. Once you have made the jetpack, run back to the lady at the bathrooms and give her the jetpack. Click on the door to the bathroom. After your conversation, head over to the Demo Area. Go just to your right and jump on top of the Forge of Finery.

Push it out of the way of the opening on the floor and up to the platform over to awlkthrough right. Now talk to the guy behind the counter to have a conversation in Fremulon.

We need to make a jetpack!

Poptropicon Island Cheats & Walkthrough – Episode 1

The first person wants to know who played Thor in that old viking movie. As soon as you login, go to the store.


Climb on top of the Fremulon booth and onto the Finery booth, where you can easily take the Watch Parts. You need to jump on it three times to fully load the catapult. After you take a picture of it, you can return to the Expo Floor. The new arrival’s costume is great, but he looks a little too We are now at the last person in line.

Follow her to Hallways. You’ll have to choose the correct responses, which are you say the bold words: Get your Escape From Pelican Rock freebies in the Now go to the right and enter the vent ;optropicon Expo.

Talk to the princess. I washed my hands But she’ll reject it Now click the watch parts and last click the spray paint. Now, return to the line and give the space dude the mask. Go left past the Boiler Room, and collect the energy drink from the table.

So lets head back to the right all the way past the convention center to the next section. The pointed hat from the witch on top of the convention roof. I tried your way 2 times, then I did the pipe thing and it was a lot easier. This will make your deck much stronger, since you can only have 13 cards. So I thought it might be the clothes doing it so I pressed the t-shirt button — and someone was inside! Am I the only person who prefers playing Poptropica on phone or tablet?


PoptropiCon Island Cheats & Walkthrough Guide |

Thanks to Larkwing for her help with writing the walkthrough for this episode! Episoxe back to the princess standing in line in front of the Convention Center.

Just as I was getting sucked into the other dimension, Poptropica crashed. To figure it out, go elisode through to the convention center, and right once more to the alley. The pamphlet has all the answers to his questions, but here they are in case you want them:.

You’ll start off next to the bus outside PoptropiCon, the biggest Poptropica convention of all time!

PoptropiCon Island Cheats & Walkthrough Guide

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Go back down and to the right and activate the right levitating platform, and use the bow to shoot out the other green target.