You are materially wealthy because your antics. One very simple DNA molecule that was labeled as a virus has been fabricated, however, that is not even one trillionth of the way on the road to making living cells that can nourish themselves, respond to stimuli, and reproduce. All he is saying here is to forget the supernatural, come see the real story of how we know what we know about the world. Preface Potholer54 on YouTube put together a video series explaining everything from how the universe began to how man evolved. The poor, stupid audience is tricked into believing natural selection through the evil, underhanded tactics of emperical evidence and logic. Steve, it seems to you are obviously uncritical to anyone who agrees with you. The second in the series of videos explaining our natural, not supernatural, origins. The aortic valves close, which holds the blood in their necks and prevents excessive pressures from forming in their heads.

Imagine the postage cost if you asked him to send it to you I have done The Scientific Method Made Easy. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: History of the Universe Made Easy Part 2. This conundrum does well for religious people, but not for me, since I am basically not. Your Web of Life is the same.

That scientists believe life popped out of nowhere, and that life cannot come from non-living chemicals.

Methods of dating easily explained, that clearly pptholer54 the age of the Earth and our universe. Potholer “made easy” series DVD for free. Strangely enough, Punctuated Equilibrium, or an identical explanation under a different name, was scoffed at when some creationists used it to explain how Noah got all those creatures on the ark.


Potholer54 finishes with the startling information that mutations may not be the engine of change!

October 20, at 3: You must appeal to any side of the issue with substantiation……………. Certainly not the way promoted by evolutions scientists today.

From Big Bang to Us: Made Easy | DocumentaryTube

I know evolutionists insist that the origins of life is a separate issue, but you and I both know that is a bunch of shit. The only way to find out is to look at the clues from the past. Seems to me, given the material that is floating around on all sides, that these videos and particularly those phrases are pretty tame lol. PP works via assertion with very little explanation, and it gets several facts dead wrong along the way.

This video explains how we acquire this knowledge, and how ideas go from a hunch in a laboratory to accepted theories taught in school. There is no consensus among evolutionists how evolution occurred. To alleviate this problem, they have a series of spongy reservoirs which keeps blood in the brain until normal blood circulation can resume.

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In terms of science content it is an easy win to optholer54 ME series. Those that agree, for what ever reason, are allies. The audience will be responsive, worshipful, intimidated, and even more enthusiastically on your side. The search for truth in this arena is not, in my opinion, a resolved issue. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Creation Science is fairly simple to understand.


Climate Change — Has the Earth been cooling? February 25,2: Imagine the postage cost if you asked him to send it to you I have done Climate Change – Phil Jones And dasy conclude evolution never happened.

Email required Address never made public. By not understanding half of what was assigned to cover, I had to reduce scientific discovery from complex to simple.

Chapter 1 Part 1 The History of Our Universe Made Easy

This series explains the scientific evidence of our origins, from the Big Bang to the human migration out of Africa, so most seventh-graders would understand. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Human Evolution Made Easy 9: Explains the Theory of Evolution in simple terms.

November 18, at So, is anyone familiar with the “Solving History with Olly Steed” series? Forget gods and goblins, here is the real story of how we know the extent of our universe in time and space.

I presume he means in the science class? You are commenting using your Twitter account. We all know that diamonds are formed und The aortic valves close, which holds the blood in their necks and prevents excessive pressures from forming in their heads. Einstein, Hawking, Darwin, and Flew: You are commenting using your Twitter account.

You are commenting using your WordPress. Hadfield’s article is a list of Potholer54’s “Climate Change” series along with links.