For others, this will remain another travesty of completely unnecessary tampering that has been done merely to appeal to the mass-market. So when the creature finally goes on the hunt, their expertise is put to the test while the alien is practically seen as more effective and proficient, which only adds to the overall suspense. Ritual of the Night. The harsh Predator sounds, usually accompanying the wacky thermal-vision, are well-rendered and sound deeper and more guttural than ever before. This is a really enjoyable track that has been reassuringly upgraded for hi-def. Gigapixel Silent Hill 2. Now, I’m not pointing this out to form a disapproving judgment of ‘Predator. You can also get an instant mobile notification with our iPhone- or Android app.

Into the Spider-Verse 4K. If I was to pick anything to moan about with the sound, it would be the slight swamping of dialogue that takes place during some of the more score and action heavy moments. Welcome to the Jungle. The Possession of Hannah Grace. A Star Is Born 4K. Was such anger justified, or is the new-look, grain-free Predator something to be proud of?

Life of Pi The meaty thumping that the Predator doles out to Dutch and his walloping footsteps – running and jumping onto the big log, for example – sound appropriately hefty. The Day the Dam Broke. Welcome to the Jungle. Yes, my password is: Select category Add custom category. Either way, John McTiernan’s bold, brash and bruising battler is top-flight entertainment.

Predator: Ultimate Hunter Edition

Positioning is a mite heavy-handed, but this is a soundtrack that doesn’t want to be polite, so be prepared for some sonic bludgeoning. Explosions have plenty of visual bite to them.


Apparently this is a brand new digital master from an existing transfer from Fox. Into the Spider-Verse 4K.

Predator – Ultimate Hunter Edition Blu-ray Review | AVForums

Although rightly deleted, they are still worth a quick look. Predator Blu-ray Review A great re-release if it weren’t for the total obliteration of the film’s grain structure. They now look deeper, darker and far more atmospheric.

The Lion, the witch, and the wardrobe. But I have to admit the original design doesn’t really allow for a very immersive home-theater experience. The main menu offers a standard selection of options while full motion clips from the movie play in the background. The Making Of Predator is the same half-hour retro-doc that first aired in S Penguins of Madagascar Most immediate and damning is the indoor, dimly-lit scene where Dutch and Dillon first reunite early in the story.

Moments that still contrive to look great in a film that has been completely transformed from its former self. If Arnie comes across as the best looking of the bunch, then Bill Duke, Richard Chaves and, most obviously of all, Carl Weathers, look uniformly atrocious.

Final Thoughts John McTiernan’s ‘Predator’ is a fun and entertaining creature-feature which revels in its animated machismo and an exuberant display of graphic action. Fire Walk with Me. As if Aaaah-nold weren’t enough, the film employs the testosterone-fueled badassery of volatile wingnut Sonny Landham, pro-wrestler turned gubernatorial freewheeler Jesse Ventura, and Apollo Creed himself, Carl Weathers.

To them, this will validate them getting a Blu-ray player and a hi-def screen in the first place, and they will doubtlessly deem this Ultimate Hunter Edition a wise purchase. Deleted Scenes and Outtakes SD, 5 min — Four pieces make up this small group of scenes removes from the final print.


The movie is a surprisingly well-structured blend of genre conventions which draws viewers in with one set of expectations and abruptly changes pace for a suspenseful thrill ride. A Star Wars Story As such, the range can seem fairly limited.

S The Amazing Spider-Man Topping them off is a heartwarming tribute to the late Kevin Peter Hall, who sadly passed away in With this hnter the case, ‘Predator’ should show heavy amounts of film grain, but it’s not to be seen. Dark of the Moon.

This is a really enjoyable track that has been reassuringly upgraded for hi-def. The Lovely Bones The Complete Season Seven. When that day finally comes — and hopefully, it will — we’ll, of course, have yet another version of ‘Predator.

It was like nothing that had really been seen before. You can see the dejection and fear on their faces; it’s like they’re being told their penises no longer work. Special Effects SD, 4 min — Five really short pieces which are weirdly organized make up this look at the camouflage effects in the movie.

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