She unbuttons his jeans, and he pulls the jeans swiftly off, revealing navy blue boxers. She can feel Toby stop, and stay still. I really thought it was from her, not from A. But it was just Travis and his tow truck. Toby pulls the blanket over Spencer, and the blankets are still on fire from the sex. None of the girls could fix whatever was wrong with it, and a storm was moving in fast. Spencer replies, and he kisses her neck, trailing down, the way she always loved him to do.

Is this how Alison met Ezra for the first time? Instead of answering his question, she asked if she could stay with Toby for a while. As Ezra turned back to his computer, we heard a snippet of what he was listening to It’s only been a matter of hours since they’ve done this, but at that moment, it’s as if they haven’t so much as touched each other in years. I needed to get away. We’re getting more and more clues with every episode

Across town, a surprised Ashley Marin found her daughter busily getting ready for school. He pushes her harder into di couch, and she wraps her legs around his torso, bringing him dangerously close.

As the girls talked, Aria figured out that Alison had described an actual place in her journal as a possible hiding spot. Arguing over who has control of the remote My home is your home.

Slowly, he rises to close the short distance between them, and she releases her grip on the handle of the suitcase as he folds her into his arms.

Spencer went looking for blankets for the girls, Aria followed to cover up signs of Ezra, and A locked the girls in the laundry room. Toby kisses her neck, and he rips off his boxers. When Hanna went outside to get a signal on her phone, Emily followed, leaving Spencer and Aria behind. prtty


She smiles, and he kisses her. I really thought it was from her, not from A. Her knees just about buckle in relief when she feels him nod his consent into her neck. At Emily’s house, Aria called Ezra and asked about his night.

His hands race over her skin, wreaking havoc as he presses her back against the wall, dead set on devouring her right then and there. He asked about Caleb, and Hanna said everything was fine, but quickly left, saying she needed to pass along the good news to her mother. She could feel his muscles shaking from holding himself above her, his arms shaking and sweaty.

If that’s the case, Alison disappeared a full year before Ezra started teaching at Rosewood. Toby knows his stubborn, obsessive, competitive, beautiful, challenging girlfriend better than he knows himself; he knows she’s shut herself down on the issue of whatever had transpired between her and Peter Hastings.

Just In All Stories: Spencer is shocked, and she gasps. Spencer adjusts her sreies so her hips are oretty his, her breath increasingly heavier.

Her finger strokes slowly down his chest. It’s all she can manage. When he got off the phone, he reprimanded her for yelling at Mrs. He grins, then leans down to kiss her.

Pretty Little Liars: “Love ShAck, Baby” (4×15)

They even decoded Ali’s journal for him. Dragging her hastily-packed wheeled suitcase behind her, she trudges up the flight of stairs to his door, a journey she’s made countless times before. She kisses him, and he sits upward, so they are both up, kissing passionately. Glancing down at her plate, slightly flustered, she realizes she’s just about licked it clean.

Deciding not to press any further, he kisses the crown of her head. She cuddles closer to him, smiling as he wraps his arms back around her, guiding her head against his chest.


She was in front of him, his body over hers. The dream was obviously just a dream, but that note from Alison? Lihtle walked over to a jewelry box, where she had the purple bracelet stashed, confirming again, that it was just a dream. Spencer looks into Toby’s eyes, and he smiles. He saw Hanna take it at school, forcing him to come up with that rogue plan to visit Hanna’s house.

Next week, in Close Encounters, perhaps?!? Then, Toby kisses her, harder, longer.

Pretty Little Liars: “Love ShAck, Baby” (4×15) – Seize the Sparkle

She screams, loudly, and even Toby stops for a second, noticing. But it was just Travis and his tow truck. She was sure she’d find her daughter in bed, lamenting the loss of Caleb.

Finally, tentatively, he asks, “Do you want to talk about it? Not willing to put up with her dad’s shadiness, she decides to bunk with Toby for a while.

Because I don’t think so. He was quite sexy!

Spencer and Toby – 4×15, a pretty little liars fanfic | FanFiction

Spencer walked in shortly after Hanna left, and confronted Mrs. Nail polish, beauty products, fashion, shopping, and all things sparkly! He drove the girls back into Rosewood, and Hanna let him clean up in the kitchen. Alison claimed again that she wanted to come home, and tried to talk to Emily. Instead of answering his question, she asked if she could prett with Toby for a while.