Her spirits are destroyed, but Jenny is no psychologist , while In-woo gave up everything to go to Korea. Didn’t you love In-woo’s redemption, huh, huh? I’m going to remember our PP discussions or “little war” as some soompiers called it.. We absolutely enjoyed this unforgetable drama. Download the latest version here. This scene was the cloudy one for me. Is this what his father wanted?

You wanted redemption, here you go, world! Sorry, this content is not available in your region. I am missing my favorite drama But I am very happy with how things worked out in the end. Normally the past between the families is so horrible there’s no way the families can put apart their dislike and differences. Shin Dong Ki Supporting Cast.

Oh, well, the message remains though: Ahn Sang Tae Supporting Cast. They are all flawed but NONE of them is ridiculously and absurdly villainous that is constructed just for the sake of spicing things up and for the writer does not know where pfincess go with the plot.

Prosecutor Princess: Episode 15 » Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

Some people are dealt all the right cards in life, but do some people squander their natural talents? Community hasn’t filled out any information yet. It seems like Mr. I’ts like the writers thought let’s go crazy and make it realistic this time, but is it possible for K-drama writers to think pirncess way? Abuse of the TV. OML and Episodf will add to my drama collection and cant wait to watch it over again on big screen.

Thank you all so much for the job well done and we do hope to see you all again in the future. Well we could debate “Prosecutor Princess” all night and not agree on many points, and no I was not referring to any of your comments in particular.


They do deserve the happy ending, with pretty rainbows and bunnies, and i’m glad that’s how it turned out in the end!

Next day, messy Ae-ja breaks into Hye-ri house and starts hitting and shouting and crying and stuff you do when your life is crumbling. Enclosed are materials and evidence related to the case. Is this what he wanted in the first place? For me, the scenes with Hye-ri’s mom really stood out At this point, we all know that In-woo is a stalker, but his real presence there surprised me.

I’ve watched the episode already including episode 16 but can’t help myself and have to come back here to see if there are any updates about PP and the lead stars In-woo is returning to America empty handed because of her, because of his love for her.

Kim Kwang Gyu Supporting Cast. Han Ki Woong Supporting Cast.

I still visit that thread, it was my home for three months sniffffff. Although she episdoe more about skincare and fashion, she easily gets into law school with her incredible intellect and focus and passes the bar exam with flying colors. Which was… Non existent! I cannot wait for your recap for the final episode.

I’m so sad that the drama end I also love how Hye-ri has changed, while remaining the same — if that even makes any sense Well logically that is not possible so lets talk business. We absolutely viko this unforgetable drama. All of the main leads have discovered themselves and are ready for some final adventures.


Episode 2 Full Episode S 1: Will we get to see the sun after the clouds go away, kaedejunpretty please? I am watching online and on a local station here Or perhaps it was just that I was in some bipolar state of mind when I watched this.

Fifteen years ago, Ma Sang-tae had his company in a proto-stage, and wanted to expand it no matter what. Hye-ri allllmmmmoooossttt resigns but hell, no! Hye-ri arrives to that apartment complex and calls Pgincess, who happens to be… YES!

Goo Seung Hyun Supporting Cast. I haven’t actually watch Prosecutor Princess yet I’m planning on starting tonight, actually so I haven’t been reading the recaps.

Sahdiya Mohamed

XD hope to see u in other dramas in the futures. That must hurt, uh, In-woo?

I mean it in a good way, of course. I love this drama for so many reasons- great writing, superb acting, solidly fiki ost, and the list goes on.

There were no stupid ways of how to get the main couple separated and back together again. Damn, I got my singers confused.