Thread starter gapierce Start date Jan 12, You must log in or sign up to reply here. Chucks carry all of the major brands to compare it to also shoot them all first. To gain the speed, most bow companies have to give up shoot ability. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Join Date Jan Location S. Because they are really close. Im not saying that buying a great bow to begin with is a bad investment, but your first few months of shooting a Great shooter with a average bow can outshoot an not so great shooter with a impressive top of the food chain bow.

I’d hate to see you throw away your money on a bow that you have difficulty shooting accurately. I shot a bunch of bows just this past Monday. Xtreme Member Jan 27, My local shop quit selling a brand because their CS was bad. Dogfish , Dec 4, Please don’t just choose the one you have I want honest opinions about which is best.

Thread starter gapierce Start date Jan 12, I have tried both.

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Martin also makes some very nice bows that are reasonably priced. Send a private message to navymancdf. I use grain CX elite hunter and am hitting HN I am new my self and this is the plAce to be for advice.


MississippiDec 5, So if you are brand loyal then stick to your brand.

Fastest bow??

I’d recommend it to anyone. Yes, my password is: Hell i sold my experience to go back to the Insanity which most people think,,,is insanity ha. I’ve been shooting bows for over 50 years long before compounds.

bodtech What is your arrow specs. Feb 8, Posts: Nov 12, Posts: I mean I still shoot a martin threshold still and its not a complicated or fancy bow at all, but when I went down to the shop and I shoot it great and it felt right. Pick the one that fits you best and you can not go wrong.

Since my uncle has a Mathews Drenalin I was kinda biased and wanted to do the same as he, and get a mathews myself. Picking a bow is like picking a woman just more important I can not answer your question. Expensive arrows needed for expensive bows and first time shooting at animals is alot differnt the at the indoor practice range.

Basically I am a young man trying to pick up hunting as a sport and hobby. Call Johnny at Chucks he shoots one for his personal bow. The last time i bought a bow I shot 18 different models from 7 makers.

Forums New posts Search forums. Some performed better in the speed department but none came close in the overall bow department. WhitetailDec 5, Now, I didn’t want to bother her on the phone just cause I have very little knowledge about bows in general.


The Obsession Knightmare IBO up to dead in the hand, great valleyvery smooth to draw and no noise.

Hands down the pse DNA I know insqnity one of the fastestshooting around ! The speed of sound is fps Join Date Feb Posts There is nothing wrong with that, but it’s not as forgiving on the short valley that most speed bows have. Find More Posts by navymancdf. Speed means nothing if the bow is loud and not forgiving.

PSE v bowtech

I would love both. From all those I shot on Monday, the Matthews Ballistic would have been my second choice. I did get a few infos out of her though. First off it is true what BC said about brace height.

One more thing, if this is going to be a backcountry, spot ‘n stalk bow then the DNA would be my choice on weight alone