Mi Saeng said that to stage a revolt there must have a probable cause to react in principle. HaJong says if ChunChu goes on the throne, they will be the first to die. WordPress designed by New WordPress Themes. And I feel I am doing something wrong, and tears come to my eyes, and my heart races. But that faction of yours. Would she consider debating ChunChu says to let him see the envoys. Ha Jong asked where on earth is Yeom Jong.

Those nobles made a clean sweep, and why could that be? What is that supposed to mean? BiDam asks them whether he truly will relinquish all power after her majesty’s death. However, We are still confident in Our belief that the final victory in war comes to the side whose people have the most wealth. However, Chil-sook presses on in pursuit of them even after he suffers an injury inflicted on him from So-hwa. The expert concurs, saying the timber seems to have come from that area.

Lord Sueulbu laughs at the suggestion of staging a insurgency against epiisode crown. I should have killed you in the beginning. All the troops under my command will be turned over to the department of arms to increase the troops strength, your majesty. Lord Sueulbu asked what with deployment of troops, is Yeom Jong here suggesting of starting an insurgency. Forsake Bi Dam is that what you are implying Wyol Ya: The Official of Commence agrees with that fact. Conspiracies surround Bidam, prompting Deokman summarh send Bidam far from the capital until the furor dies down.


Queen Seon Deok stood up tells that her limitation of her patience for Bi Dam faction ends here.

The Great Queen Seondeok Episode 29

Lord Jujin asked whether Bi Dam did ever did to earn their trust. For the heavenly kingdom! Then this covenant will hold no power, and if he does not keep his promise DeokMan needs to know what request the envoys had wanted from Silla. Time and tide waits for no man.

You can subtitle on Viki and be part of the community too! They are anticipating the Tang envoys to arrive at sen DangHang today. As the Baekje army pushes forward with a full frontal assault, Seol-won leads his troops to cut through the Baekje’s offensive while General Kim Seo-hyun and the Yonghwahyangdo unit head to Ahmak Fortress.

ChunChu orders his arrest.

The number of troops in the army will now be increased. Deok Man thought that the Plutarch’s Parallel Lives had been burnt away in a fire, but the book makes its reappearance in Silla. When YuShin and AlCheon protest at the contravention of her majesty’s orders, ChunChu says he is merely trying to help her decide.

For them in their eyes, Kim Chun Chu will seen as nothing but a political adversary. High-general YuShin receives your command and will place the criminals under arrest. He intends to carry it out. YeomJong returns the letter to the courier and tells him to deliver it to the proper recipient.


Bi Dam is obviously feel rather insecure. King Jinpyeong order So Hwa to be found.

The Great Queen Seondeok Episode 59

YeomJong enters and says they must prepare the troops. No matter what the situation it is, Deok Man is still the offspring of His majesty and claims his legacy. Episode – – Layar Drama Indonesia: Ho Jae said that of Bi Dam should have any orientation thoughts that defer from them. Why do you say that…as if you were going to suddenly leave?

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Al Cheon asked if this is the only ailment that the Queen summaty or is there something else. Yeom Jong then tell them that the matter is how can they force Bi Dam to abide to their interest. Episode 57 Episode I am not prepared. Yushin and Deokman go on the run as everyone in the palace realizes who Deokman is.

High General YuShin has returned after carrying out his orders. So you are really going for it? Episode 8 Episode 8. Newer Post Older Post Home. YeomJong asks BoJong to prepare the troops.

YuShin tells Gyebaek he cannot return to BaekJe alive. YuShin thanks him again.