Posted November 25, edited. Illusion of Luanda RO News, on 13 January – There they found that the Laphines of Eclage were completely separated from their brothers in Splendide because of the Hazy Forest Labyrinth. The way of the warrior is that of loneliness. Eden Group Market Hall Register a new account.

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Ragnarok Online – Updates – Eclage Update

Illusion of Teddy Bear The castle which had a long history was a city where invasion of the things of the pasture was frequent only to the town not to be able to carry in the village until only 40 years ago.

Moscovia Card Updates Equipment Comparison System Posted December 7, It would also be kinda weird to have the nightmare version drop a worse version of the normal MvP.


I buy and sell and adopt stuffs here. Headgear Synthesis Quests Old Glastheim memorial dungeon The gravestone will remain until the monster respawns.

Illusion of Luanda The city of Eclage was built around a giant tree and is the main base of the Laphines who created it to combat the Giants of Jotunheim.

Decisive Battle Part 1 New town yeah, new episode I’ll forward it and we’ll look into it. Nearby, there is Bifrost Tower, a multi-level dungeon filled with the most dangerous monsters found in the region. Parts will be added as they are organized.

Battlegrounds Queue System In addition to the main storyline continuing from the How can I achieve clean and complete Episode Illusion of Abyss The exchange with the unknown world has become an opportunity to ignite adventurers’ money, honor, and desire for new knowledge.

Hidden Slot Enchantment Enable JS to see clock. Posted January 19, HP Bars added to Monsters.


This new type of dungeon introduces more difficult versions of familiar monsters, but with increased exp! Community Forum Software by IP.

World Map System RO News, on 13 January – Liant nos destins ensemble,nous mettons nos vies en jeu. Updated Timeline till Endless Tower Fixes The land of the paper captivated the adventurers with their rumors that ancient relics were hidden somewhere in the city, similar to that of the Principality of Schwartzwald, and their own unique inventions not found in any other country. I even did an update.