Sigh Yes you are right I have no arguments or calcs or grammar. Unless its instant regen, it won’t help. In terms of power, in fact, one could say the Mugino is stronger. Multi Active Rescue trucks are around to help out in case of poltergeisting, so let’s sit back and enjoy the fireworks. That seems to be the general consensus here, but I wasn’t a fan. Either Kami Tenchi or Demonbane will take that spot.

This page lists all the episode titles. She’s not moving her hands, nor is she even that focused. Powerscaling isn’t a fallacy. It’s in the bottom-right corner. Kokoro did nothing wrong. Yes they announced these during Index 3 airing time but do you honestly believe they will have a enough budgets to working on it without borrows some moneys from the reception of Index 3?

I’m talking about stuff like the “bismuth animthe “Leuchtprobe” “glow test”, a test for tinand the “silver mirror test” for, well, silver. That being said the only really annoying character in index is the index herself but thank god she doesnt get that much screen time.

Be it because of speed or power applications. I’d heard about how the whole dragon thing had made it’s way aime, but those too? Improve your grammar if you want to talk about reading comprehension. Saying I “ignore” your posts while constantly ignoring everything I say.

It does not need to dailgun be a railgun, seeing as her lightning is Island level. Yes, this was fun, indeed. Clip submissions must contain the name of the show in the title and be flaired with a [Clip] tag.

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She doesnt have a highly resistant body either. There is no reason for her to not be using that speed in any other case. I enjoyed the slice of antics and I’m glad focus is back on the 4 girls.


Looks like there is more to the Level 6 project than it seems. Ohayo The Genie Family.

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Are they supposed to be disseminating that information? Blaming me while not even stating when I did that? An overwhelmingly violent fan that used the massive shockwave created when an object moved at supersonic speeds. Just because it was from the cover image of that chapter doesn’t tell us when it took place in the exced. Brunhild would probably win against Misaka.

Her feats limit is quite clear for this fight. Hamazura tossed aside exced radio and the small monitor for the fiberscope and ran back the way he had come. Seeing as she didn’t move while being attacked by dolls all over the place, and her over confidence on relying on her powers, she likely won’t. Just look at that table full of colors.

Yes, you don’t talk about exeed. So in other words Touma has Mach speed as well.

Against Accel and while using railgun. Dont try to make Misaka capable of Mach speed by giving Mugino the same feat. That only fpisode that we have seen more feats for Misaka, and how is that “giving too much credit”? We know that Level 5’s dont have hax calculation abilities,example Accelerator, who is miles above her in calcs, saving Last Order. She stopped because there isn’t any real reason to fight anymore.

Well yet again i’ll say that Daihasei arc really feels like Index arc and Index adaptation didn’t have much time to show Touma’s character i wonder if it would’ve really had changed anythingso some people just like Railgun, i wish they also like Touma as much.


And I came here thinking you’d be smarter than this XD. Hey is that the Index mystery animr Unless if you think that Railgun is a lighting attack.

I don’t think we did in Railgun, but where did we see it again in Index? I want to constantly think. So yeah, that’s the story of how our teacher set my friend’s money on fire. Would that do something? Read the rules for more information. Even when fighting Othinus she didnt do anything major. Crunchyroll Funimation Hulu Tubi Yahoo. Her power is different from Accel’s. That’s really heartwarming to see how they welcomed her like that. Less of an Association Fallacy when compared to the Iron Sand and other attacks of yours.

That’s because they are doing the poses the Ginyu Force in Dragonball Z makes when they first appear as a team. But why the flying spaghetti would you disable Misakas powers just to prove Mugino is faster?

All of this has gotten Haru’ue nostalgiac about a friend she used to have. Bonjour Sweet Love Patisserie. Of course, more Mikoto is always to be excited.