Recaps Mem-rieeesssss like the dank, snarky corners of my mind…. A typed, long-distance proposal. Nevax breaks the news to a stunned Ramon. Not the brightest bulb, is he? Ramon and Nevax meet with Loyda again this time armed with her brother and her mother, Loyda Sr. He gave a stranger his bank account information. I hit reply to chickenlips but it ended up all the way down here. Ramon confronts her about how she could have taken advantage of him like that, but Loyda is immediately super defensive and claims she created the fake Facebook page purely out of boredom.

Now that the Manti Teo scandal has made Catfishing a mainstream term, I was kind of hoping this show would up the ante somehow According to Loyda her now husband at first wanted her to cut off all communications with Ramon, but eventually he came around and was okay with their friendship. Full Cast and Crew. We just felt it was the right thing to do. Recaps Au Revoir Trashies. On my wedding day she was super nervous — probably more nervous than I was. She agrees to those terms but seems disappointed that their romantic relationship will no longer continue. And then laugh at them.

NP is eternally grateful to RonnieK, TrashTalkTV, and readers like you for the chance to branch out and make the world a happier place. Enter Facebook, allowing asocial people to connect for almost a decade now, as long as you can get past the rampant dishonesty and identity-stealing.

Audible Download Audio Books. He tells them that he works the 10 p. At least per the movie.

Music from Catfish Season 2 Episode 3

Recaps Au Revoir Trashies. Who is the catfished one — the liar or the sucker? Do you think Ramon knew all along and just wanted to get on TV? They do the usual cavorting and goofing around the airport.


Ramon confronts her about how she could have taken advantage of him like that, but Loyda is immediately super defensive and claims she created the datfish Facebook page purely out of boredom. Loyda and Ramon talk alone without the pressures of Nevax or Loyda Sr. That song has wnd my summer jam. The fun side trip this week is once again not so much as fun as unfunnily twee. And then laugh at them. Maybe Nev and Max can start Catfishing people, and we can all watch to see how long it takes them to figure it out.

No, he flatly denies it. So how did Ramon feel about the news, being that Loyda got married in July after only a 6-week engagement? Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! Apparently they Skyped and Epiisode before the show?!? Loyda told Remote Control: They video chat and she says she has no idea catflsh Ramon is. Either way, totally weird vibe with horrible acting.

‘Catfish: The TV Show’ react in GIF form — Ramon and Paola |

Nev is apparently dating a female singer whose music is used for the show. Visit Prime Video to explore more loysa. Nev points out that with the money he sent Loyda, he technically did pay for the ring.

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He gave a stranger his bank account information. Add the first question. Why episodf the note say Loyda? They get along very well, and we are actually living with my mom until we can save up some more money and get our own house. Hold up — what do you mean you two are not engaged?


Months later, Ramon now plans to attend college catfisb and has been saving up for a car. I felt like Ramon totally knew Loyda was not Paola, and this was a way for him to scam a free trip to meet her in real life.

But after many failed attempts to video chat with Paola, is she really who he thinks she is? Ramon walks Nevax through his video chat experience with Paola Rodriguez. Why is everyone commenting in italics?

Wednesday, July 10, Catfish: And a serial liar. Um, that seems to be a big clue, Ramon. Ramon greets Nevax as they arrive at his home. Did Ramon propose to Paola?! Nev and Max head catfush to ramonn hotel to work their magic with the interwebs. This is the first time we had a catfished sending the catfish money, which you think we would have saw in season 1since obviously these people are gullible.

My mom adores my husband. Loyda has her brother and her fatfish there as backup and boy is her mother a piece of work.

Consent Management Privacy Policy Required. She claims it was a test to see if he really loved her for her and not just episoode looks. The one thing I DID notice about this episode is that it’s clear more people are watching the show and really wanting to be on it – case in point, Ramon – it’s so obvious he wanted to be on the show no matter what.