The characters actually WALK places. When she discovers the farmer has someone new in her life, she’s determined to cut them from the cloth. Valentine’s Gift for Evil Icing! He explains that his former girlfriends would always make excuses to not cook him anything, since he was a professional chef. I’d like to see them back as a standard animal you get from the start like in older games. I understand that Rune Factory 4 is a spinoff series of Bokumono, but if there’s one thing that I hope Bokumono can learn from it, is that the incredibly varied daily dialogue from villagers makes interaction and characterization so much more profound. That is what makes upgrading tools enjoyable.

After getting lost on her way, Autumn meets Ash and Cam, two villagers from Bluebell. Being able to save anywhere. Log in or Sign up. Perhaps it is more realistic, but one of my biggest criticisms on the simulation portion of the game is the fact that you cannot have a conversation with a NPC while they are working. I Would add that more animals can be kept in a barn or coop, and more plots in the green houses. Replace them with pet pigs.

Story Of Seasons – Developer Feedback Thread

I’m glad that Klaus and Iris are eligible, too. OJan 4, Similarly, forcing to play a certain way IE: The lack of character events and dialogue, especially involving the other bachelor ette s.

Please read the first story before this one. Random child birth circumstances. EemedRelytApr 3, It also really stinks because my name is seven letters long, and the game will only fit in six. The television’s variety channel.


Story Story Writer Forum Community. I would like to see them return because it’s sad when you’re the only one in the town getting into a relationship but I would like to see it reworked in some fashion.

More crops and animals available at the start. Speaking of the marriage system, the gifts for the reverse confession isn’t too bad, but it could be better Being able to increase seasond stamina meter would be great to have back. Even with all of that said, Heary already eager to see what comes next! Just In All Stories: He is impressed with your cooking ability, and thanks you for your opinion.

The more I play, the more I love the characters.

Story Of Seasons – Developer Feedback Thread | XSEED Games Forum

I know that was in a console game and not a handheld, but I really enjoyed the mines in those. You zeasons if he is being overly friendly with those girls, but he explains that they are nice hsart and good customers, so he has no reason not to be nice to them. When Raeger wakes up, he doesn’t know how he got there, but he sits back down before he falls over again.

Share This Page Tweet. I’ll start off with my feedback and then some feedback I have seen other people mention. Limited time for certain events.


I can only imagine some people who may have already spent their money and couldn’t afford to feed it for a while either. I like that harvesting and giving treats to animals are easier. Variety of daily dialogue is lacking. But yes, that’s everything off the top of my head.

It’d be nice if there wasn’t so much RNG stuff. Farming rivals is a very fun twist that I very much enjoyed. Perhaps instead of giving them X amount of their favorite item, it can also be if you’re going steady for X amount of months, they’ll just propose that way too.

I think if they are unlocked so late in the game their product shouldn’t be needed for certain things. Please make them closer together next time.

Raeger’s Flower Events

But, the reverse proposals have some rather difficult requirements for a few of them She has come here for an ending, and despite his many years, he has only managed to grasp the beginning; together, they might somehow find a peaceful interlude. This installment wasn’t any different. Which could have been really useful for unlocking them. I cried like a baby when Eda passed away.