There is one gory moment, where Sur explains that the tiniest ripple can make a huge difference. The whole film is suffused with dream-like sadness and despair, which Sion Sono captures in wide shots of forests and snowy landscapes that are interspersed with the action. The crowd is all made up of females. A detective is trying to find the cause of a string of suicides. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Retrieved January 12, And even then doesn’t really even accurately describe what the movie ends up becoming, once you get to the third act and Mitsuko finds out the origin of her existence. If there was a way I could describe this movie would be like a weirdly Japanese version of Quantum Leap as the story looks at Mitsuko’s jump from alternate universe to alternate universe where, no matter what she does, everyone there meets an incredibly violent end.

But then Mitsuko remembers the advice of Sur from the beginning of the movie: If you are okay with gore, go watch it. You are commenting using your WordPress. Guilty of Romance Their body language suggests that they have feelings for each other and they are constantly holding hands. Jacob and Rae, Billy’s oldest childhood friends, live there as well as part of “the family”. At first, I thought it was the male. But even if this scene freaks you out, keep watching.

He recognizes her and tells her that he is surprised she made it so far. There is a misconception that it only refers to adult Japanese content that has lesbian relationships. Then, the most blatantly feminist moment happens. Mitsuko gives on last tug, and Aki is split in half. The girls are all oonigokko, with their bodies ripped in half.


It is done incredibly well and the surrealism is strong. Retrieved from ” https: The women begin to take off their clothes.

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Out of those four mentioned, the only one I haven’t seen is Love Exposure. In the woods, the girls muse about whether destiny is truly predetermined and whether there onigkko multiple realities with multiple versions of themselves. One is even wearing a speedo. The crowd is all made up of females.

Then, Keiko stabs herself with the broken glass bottle. Stray from the regular path! This is another one of the teal vulgar scenes in the whole movie, and you may want to close your eyes if you are squeamish.

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Mitsuko was oingokko high school girl who was in love with another girl, but she was picked on for it. Sono once 20015 proves that he knows exactly the tone and pacing that will make his films delights onigoko the audience. I will say one thing and that is that, to me, as absurd and surreal as the film can be, I don’t think it’s ever a movie that embraces the surreal for no reason. Once again, Aki shows up to save the day. She manages to escape the gust of wind, which chases her and kills all the other girls onigkko comes into contact with.

She is happy, but then Aki holds out her arms that have course wires embedded in them. She listens and hops over a fence, running through a field, with crowds of women and girls still cheering her on.

You are so awesome for this post. That’s all I’m gonna say here since, again, I don’t really wanna spoil the movie. At first, I thought it was the male.


It gets even more blatant than that, though. After encountering a group of revenant girls who try to kill her after stating that so long as she lives, they all will continue to die, she is once again rescued by Aki.

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You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating reak. However, the cop claims that Mitsuko is named Keiko. Retrieved June 5, There are no approved quotes yet for this movie. A little too close. Please click the link below to receive your verification email. Overall, this movie is incredibly violent, but it is also incredibly well done, visually and plot wise. Before she can fire another round, Sur and Taeko burst in, geal Mitsuko, and the three hide.

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Not knowing who they are, Mitsuko confesses to Aki that she cannot remember if she ever attended this school and believes that she had a nightmare about girls being killed by a gust of wind. Audible Download Audio Books. What a weird, weird Japanese movie.

Remembering what Sur said about tricking fate, she then commits suicide by stabbing herself, to the shock of both the old man and his younger self. The old man tells her that the final stage is the fulfillment of his deepest wish oniigokko he tells her to succumb to her destiny.

Written by Nick Riganas. You def just helped clear some things up for me!