In response, Mary has Eduard thrown in the dungeon with plague victim bodies. Catherine wants Louis to be executed but Francis refuses, not wanting to make Louis a Protestant martyr. Retrieved February 6, Sebastian ‘Bash’ de Poitiers Toby Regbo She does and sees he has lit lanterns that are flying up into the sky. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. They are giggling in bed and he asks how she kept it a secret. Search for ” The Lamb and the Slaughter ” on Amazon.

Leith proposes to Greer, but she refuses, saying she wants to keep her new independence. Archived from the original on October 25, Full Cast and Crew. Leith Bayard is shocked to find to royal of his estate undone as part of the appeasement of Lord Narcisse, completely disqualifying him as catch for lover Greer Norwood, who now reneges on her refusal of wealthy family friend Lord Aloysius Castleroy, who now decides himself against an unhappy union. Francis arranges a marriage for his and Lola’s son with the Habsburgs, but it’s sabotaged when Lola meets them while high on Marie’s opiates. Antoine believes that Bash killed Antoine and Louis’s elder brother, Marcus, during the Italian Wars , and wants vengeance, either by killing Bash or seducing Kenna.

More couples come to dance and Leith is rotated to be her partner. He says they asked him to renounce God but he ran.

Francis turns to Bash for help, confessing the truth that he killed Henry. Francis arranges a marriage for his and Lola’s son with the Habsburgs, but it’s sabotaged when Lola meets them while high on Marie’s opiates.

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Claude confronts Catherine, who confesses to the poisoning because she believes that Claude killed Henriette and Emone, but Claude claims that she didn’t do it. Mary suggests that Claude, who is Catholic, and Louis, who has converted to Protestantism, be wed as a symbol of interfaith relations.


Castleroy comes in and tells Greer she needs to go. Francis is surprised because that now describes Reiign as well. Mary is discomfited by the baby, but gives Francis her blessing to claim him. Episodde tries to reconcile with Bash, but is rejected when Bash learns that she’s pregnant with Renaude’s child. When Catherine and Narcisse try to frame Louis for the hostage situation, Louis asks Mary to leave France with him, but she refuses.

Louis is frustrated when Mary gives up on their plan to leave for Scotland. Mary and Francis renew their relationship and have sex. When Catherine learns that Claude is trying to seduce Narcisse, she orders Leith to become Claude’s bodyguard. Catherine confronts the ghosts, telling her daughters to leave and wait for her, and banishing Henry away for all the harm he’s caused.

Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Kenna says we are driven by passion and Greer should recognize that now before it edges out her reason.

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Francis, Bash and Mary find evidence implicating Louis, but Narcisse finds stronger evidence that it was the doing of Mary’s uncle, the Duke of Guise. Add the first question. He says he said no but they forced the mark on him, took his soul and let the devil in. She gets Queenly, tells him they are transporting a relic and threatens to have him whipped to death. There is nothing wrong with a guilty pleasure.

Francis Valois Celina Sinden Did your favorite make the cut? Catherine blames Reigm for her situation and travels to England, where she offers Queen Elizabeth Rachel Skarsten her help in destroying Mary for good. He says he took shears and murdered them. Start your free trial.

Roger and Jenny have been terrorizing the locals, thus ruining Francis and Mary’s reputation. Bash and Louis go to talk to the shepherd.


When Greer and Castleroy’s connection to the radical Protestants is revealed, Greer is stripped of her title and wealth, and sent away from court. Lola goes to see Estelle who begs her to set her free from Narcisse. Mary attempts to renew her reihn with Francis but finds it too difficult, so she gives Francis permission to find someone new to love.

Louis’s army continues to grow, and he coerces Renaude into joining his side by using Renaude’s son as leverage. Mary receives news that her loyalists in Scotland are under attack by Protestants. It is fantastically modern with language and attire but also very classic with the life of a king and queen. Louis also looks very sad.

Catherine tries to send Claude away by marrying her off to the son of a Bavarian Count, but Claude sabotages this by making public sexual overtures on Narcisse. If it was then it would be boring.

Lola and Kenna visit Greer’s brothel and are surprised by rekgn success.

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Francis rides out with his soldiers to capture Louis and clear episde rest of Louis’s scattered army, ending the coup. TV by the Numbers. Tensions are rising between Catholics and Protestantsand in one confrontation Louis’s Protestant nephew is killed. Mary holds her godson as the priest performs the christening.

Archived from the original on October 25, Lola reminds her that they helped her when she was facing marriage to a bad man. She sits on their bed smiling and they are appalled since they are naked in bed. Retrieved March 13, Written by KGF Vissers.