Resident Evil- Afterlife Indonesian Resident Evil 4Afterlife 3 years ago 1 Vision release with some fixes. The acting was above par for a Resident Evil, certainly much better than the first game. DVD9 3 years ago 1 Resident Evil IVAfterlife

As a big fan of splatter and horror films i was gladly surprised when i watched this. DTS-MySilu 3 years ago 1 Feel-Free 3 years ago 1 AC3 x – AdiT Resident. Versi komplit ini adalah revisi perbaikan dari kesalahan penerjemahan dan juga dialog yg berbahasa jepang dan adegan tambahan setelah kredit title dimana jill valentine nongol. Resynced By supick http: AC3 x – AdiT Resident.

Anderson’s movies may be accused of being style over substance but there’s no doubting partz “Shopping”, “Event Horizon” and “Resident Evil” are fantastic examples of eye candy. DVD9 3 parta ago 1 Movie was great, actors were good enough, and there was actually a plot whoa! AC3 x – AdiT Resident. Every shot is beautifully composed and the film has a high-budget sheen.

Quick disaster with a mystery to it, jarring deaths, naked Milla, all in the first few minutes. This movie means business. Resident Evil Afterlife R5enjoy. Why all the hostility? Jaybob 3 years ago 1 Napisy do Filmu – Resident.

XviD-Japan-viet sub-[By d0ntcryb4by] 3 years ago 1 Arabic Resident Evil Afterlife. How often do you really care about the monster fodder in horror films?

I have played both Resident Evil and Resident Evil 2, and recognized many of the scenes which were kind of similar to games. ActionHorrorAdventure Countries: It also has a great looking cast, a thumping soundtrack and plenty of boys’ toys. It did an excellent job establishing characters without too much unnecessary background, developing them just enough to make you want to know what they’ll do next, to make you care before the sudden and gruesome happens to them.


Afterlife – subtitle list. Subs corrected to the best of my ability, line by line. Malay Resident Evil 4: Not that RE2 is a complete mess but nowhere near this.

Resident Evil 4 Afterlife. Afterlife English Subtitles.

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Afterlife BluRay p Ganool 3 years ago 1 Afterlife 3 years ago 1 Like other video game adapations, Resident Evil is loud, violent, formulaic, and cheesy.

Director has done a great job by having that videogame atmosphere by use of light, but still keeping the movie tense. This could’ve been balanced out with more reaction shots showing the soldiers wetting themselves.

Resident Evil Afterlife BluRay p p.

Resident Evil- Afterlife Resync Time Resident Evil: YIFY 3 years ago 1 It keeps up the pace throughout. But Alice’s over-the-top commando-style action made her too much of a super heroine to really make anyone concerned about her survival; characters made of Teflon make good residfnt but apathetic horror subjects. MySilu 3 years ago 1 What can I say?

Feel-Free 3 years ago 1 It was an engaging story, moved like lightning and had some excellent scares. The acting was above par for a Resident Evil, certainly much better than the first game. Afterlife English Resident Evil: A special military unit fights a powerful, out-of-control supercomputer and hundreds of scientists who have mutated into flesh-eating creatures after a laboratory accident.


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I haven’t played the game so i had no idea what to expect and had nothing to compare with. Vision release with some afterliife. Remux one year ago 1 Resident Evil-Afterlife TS-indo. This was a really hard one, so I hope I got them all: For the people who have played games, this one gives good vibes and they are going to love it.

I haven’t seen the third installment yet but even if that one holds true in quality to this one number two becomes the odd one out.

I think there was great chemistry on this production and it shows; the actors and crew involved loved the game and had a good time making this.

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I really feel that subtjtles pays homage to the old zombie films at least to an extent. ActionHorrorAdventure Countries: Casio G-Shock fans will be in their element watching this movie. Columbia Tristar Pictures Company: DTS-MySilu 3 years ago 1