From the bottom of the building, take a right on the ramp to access an alternative ramp. You can still receive credit while guesting or overflowed in another world. Snowhowl Den Snowden Drifts. Go to the jungle floor and look on the west side for an entrance. And by the way, awesome guides you have here, keep up the good work! All locations can be found in the open PvE world, although they may be found on land, underground, or even underwater.

Spoiler Inside Select Show Note that to get to the top where is Champion ram is, you will need to climb up some rocks near the location that the arrow is pointing at. These circles are usually near the location indicated by the image but some are hidden and will require a bit of searching. The exact location of the gold circle remains unknown. You have to get behind it see image. From the bottom of the building, take a right on the ramp to access an alternative ramp. Drakecleft Shelf — Fields of Ruin. What do you mean continue this?

There are 3 tiers of Guild Treks. Band watcy Brothers Social Guidelines and Forum Rules Our bulletin board is a place for players to talk about the game, discuss and share knowledge, and engage in guild activities. For an explanation of the cookies click the View Policy link. I have done this twice, running through the mobs without needing to fight anything.

Spoiler Inside Select Show It is located inside an underwater cave accessed by going to the location pinpointed by the red arrow. Guild Mission Reward Reset: Deputy Brooke Wanted for impersonating a revfrberant of the Lionguard. Simply copy and paste a chat link into the chat window to link the waypoint in the channel you are currently using.


Go to the first waypoint in Dry Top and then east through the portal to Brisban Wildlands. The picture looks slightly different from the area.

Near Village of Shaemoor. It is located on the rock near the final platform. Ruins of the Unseen. It would greatly simplify the use of the guide for those without full or near full map completion. Old Golem Factory Waypoint. Lightfoot Dock — Straits of Devastation.

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Note that the balcony is up top and you can get to it via a small jumping puzzle just follow the white dots. To access the gold circle down below, you must jump off the ramp near the Black Lion merchant. Once found, the guild member must hit F to claim the mark.

A guild leader triggers the trek from the influence tab of the guild panel. Well the Tyrian Explorer’s Society has a challenge for you! Below you will find a list of mission types and their requirements to unlock. It cannot be seen by guild members that are guesting from another server. Sotzz the Scallywag Wanted for reverbfrant, public intoxication, and lewdness.

Risewild Green — Bloodtide Coast. It requires a bit of jumping but mostly its falling down and aiming right. Head left after you enter the cave and you will find a small revwrberant with a rock shelf on top. The gold circle is on the lowest level of the ship. And by the way, awesome guides you have here, keep up the good work!


Run inside hw2 nearest building and it is at the top of the stairs. Thaumanova sorry i forgot the last part of the name because we finished the mission. It was the only southsun one I could find so far.

GW2 Guild Trek Guild Mission guide

Guild Treks do not reward any Guild Commendations. It would be nice if Dulfy would update this guide as well. Magihedron Corner — Rata Sum Lvl.

North-East from the Temple of Dwayna. It is located on the rock near the final platform.

GW2 Guild Trek Guild Mission guide – Dulfy

Port Authority Lost and Found. Tuyere Command Post Waypoint. Guild Missions Rewards can only be received once per week per account. Village of Scalecatch Waypoint]. Village of Scalecatch Waypoint. Go to the north of the cave The Grove, swim under water at the little spot, and then go deeper in the cave. The gold circle is located up top, which can be accessed via a small passage follow the bottom line of dots.

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Icewurm Trench, Frostgorge Sound. Black Lion Root Cellar, regarding needing to jump down. Treks cannot be repeated for influence reberberant if you have completed a tier you will not receive influence for completing that tier again in the same week. Must complete the Fawcett’s Bounty jumping puzzle to reach mark.