I thought it was going to be a cliff hanger on whether or not everyone would die. Missiles never reach their destination. Or is this a new one? I mean, am I not supposed to think that charlies is Miles’ kid? It’s interesting that she combats with her mother so much since she’s kinda just like her. Revolution goes back to Start. Can’t wait for Season 2! Nope cant take the chance.

It is like the lightning around Monroe in the Finale: Seeing the lightning for the first time in 15 years was Monroe’s way of realizing the power was on. To Hollywood directors, producers, writers, etc.: Season 1 Episode No prying the doors open, lifting the elevator then climbing down to the 12th. I’m not sure what the point of that was.

Chastity Church Larry Miller No one is tending to the power stations and even if they are they have no equiptment to keep everything maintained so the power stations would be half rusted and rotted away. The second the power went on they simply started using their stockpile of former lawn ornaments. I am suprised they renewed it.

Best episode ever with regards to non sense storytelling. Hahaha nice easter eggs. Cue a noise distraction, and the entire group of stairway defenders huddle-marched down the hallway in a formation particularly vulnerable to explosions.


The others are passable. Monroe needed to learn the power was back on too, but he wasn’t near a light switch.

Revolution Season Finale Review: True American –

So these “guardians” just let Randall play around the first 6 or 7 levels without evicting his ass cause they wernt ready to be revealed till Charlie showed up. Charlie revoultion into saving Nora, but Rachel didn’t give a damn about Nora because she needed to get revenge for Danny, so she took the card and Aaron and they moved on with a half-ass reply of, “We’ll be back in time to save Nora.

You know the ones shown in that last photo in the article. I wanted soooooo bad to like it So what the Hell.

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And how did “all thumbs” Randall revoolution to target Philly and Atlanta? Because I am all aboard the Neville Nation train. I think there will be nothing about that afterwards.

s01e2 Hollywood hates Bush, what else is new? Throughout the season, characters had all sorts of problems, many of the storylines wore out or were simply ignored, and even the overall mythology—which should have been laid out before the season started—seemed clueless as to where it was going.


Seriously, he just turned the keys and hit the big red button and they were off. What kinda bubble are you living in. Because who cares, it isn’t real, and the stakes are pointless. Missiles never reach their destination.

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Can’t wait for Season 2! Season 1 Episode Rachel and Aaron look at each other for 1 second. You must be a registered user revolytion use the IMDb rating plugin.

I could understand ceiling lights, but lamps?

If that’s what being a patriot is, then screw you, America. You need the stupidity just like the rest of us. Edit Storyline Bianca quits the cheer squad after Chastity is overthrown as head cheerleader. This series went from bad to terrible. Love your Easter eggs and reaction video. Now I know she’s survived two stabbings in the stomach before, but this one was on the side of her stomach that wasn’t indestructible.

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