Am I missing something here? Asahina wonders when Chihiro is going to come clean with Hyuga, the whole bit about her name being fake. I’m getting so frustrated with this show! Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. He asks Chihiro to pass it on to Hyuga. She lays out her apron towards Soon Geum and has her explain it again.

Either way, the painting might be gone, since Da Kyum claimed to have thrown it away. The drama on the whole has little going for it, and the weak plot and script attribute to that. So agree with u. She only bought it because her parents appeared in her dream, and she had purposely kept hers on the left. She claims not to be and he explains that the girl back there was his beloved only sister. Thanks for the recap

She heads over to a nearby convenience store, reasoning that perhaps the other maids will lend her money. People sometimes love clinging onto history because it provides a sense of security. It’s not like Soon-geum stole the housekeeping job from Choon jak! She opens her locket; on one side are pictures of her siblings, and on the other side, a picture of the anchorman. I know what you mean about not getting totally sucked in to RMPW, although I was starting to feel the emotional pull by the end of 3.

Thanks, I like this drama but its not on my to watch list so I always just wait for the recaps.

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Does he like go-stop or his daughter more? So it means that the lottery is won fair and square by Soon Geum?!

Oh, and yup, totally snickering at the thought that maybe this would help old Gun Woo’s personality to return. She jams her heel on his foot, and he bends over in pain. They de-virilized him in the fat suit, and it’s difficult for me NOT to see him all whiney and soft still.


Doesn’t feel so though. But no one is calling Gun Woo’s behavior in account. Drama Recaps The Crowned Clown: Thanks for the great recap, I hope you choose to stick with this one too. I like the main character, she knows what she wants being a fashion designer, she does not long for an idealistic love story.

Before she can accidentally interrupt Lee Soon grabs her and pulls her into an alcove.

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Yoko offers to have Hyuga come to her restaurant and dine on that table. Everyone following so far? I like that he is feeling something because of another human — not an idea, or programming thing, or money. It’s like I have this automatic switch within me that just starts doing some crazy, hardcore dodo fangirling whenever he appears.

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He notes that the avatar looks like her despite it being made by him with the purpose of making fun of her strait-laced ways. Ahjumma May 22, at Is it bad that I already have second lead syndrome?

Soo Jung complains on how lazy Da Kyum is as they sit down to eat, and they have an unexpected visitor — Young Hee!

If they are rich they are an obstacles to their children’s happiness. I just saw my Gangster King being fed like a baby and I forgot everything epiaode. He chokes on his rice.

Soon Geum is so hesitant that Hwang Yong is ready to break off the deal…when she finally relents. Chihiro explains how it all unfolded. This Hyuga wears glasses eisode looks like a preppy college student. Gun Woo and Young Hee: Unless Soon Geum finds out where the picture was all this time. Hyuga asks Asahina to call Sakaguchi in.

dramcrazy She belatedly realizes that she was not wearing her ring at all, and goes back to the bathroom to look for it, thinking that perhaps Boon Ja just has the same ring. Hyuga says there is no need to thank him, he sees it as buying an expensive toy.


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Gun Woo’s snatching of the lottery from Soon Geum to use at his convenience without her permission and his imprisoning her in his car was too much for me to take. I just wish that US television network shows could have the creativeness and brilliance like our friends over in the Asian countries. The restaurant scene was beautiful. Chihiro turns back towards him and bows episodd in apology.

Young hee just needs to explain things to Da Kyum, and say he needs it back, and maybe! Gun Woo heads over to the trading center to look at his stocks.

As soon as she leaves to get some food, he rifles through her bag for the lottery ticket. New OTP to root for! Confused because he just came out of the bathroom, Young Hee runs after her without knowing why. And with that, she stomps back into the house. Hey all K-Drama lovers I have a major problem, so the website I have been using to view some of my favorite KDrama shows is malfunctioning so does anyone have any suggestions on what or which website will help me view Romance Town with english subtitles cuz I will seriously go into depressed mode if I couldn’t watch this show.

She laughs it off as a joke, but is amazed that no woman epiwode ever done it for him. It was you who flirted with Kang Gun Woo, right?