At first, the gang was going to rob one of the mail trucks, but they decided against it because too many people would be put at risk. He rarely spoke about these years in much detail, but he was involved in local “nightclub wars” and was the victim of an assassination attempt at one point, being shot through his bathroom window while shaving. Born into poverty, the brothers did not save much. It serves him in very good stead when the Newtons are standing before the bar of justice. American agriculture after the boom of World War prices for food abroad and for the troops never shared in the Roaring Twenties boom for the city folk. A group of suburban teenagers try to support each other through the difficult task of becoming adults. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. It offers an interesting look into the times and their life.

I really enjoyed it. The Newton Boys Director: Willis persuades an actual banker to give him a list of all the square-door safe banks in nearby states. No match for the bigger, deeper-pocketed ’20s business sharks, Standard Oil or the big banks, they went broke trying to go straight by digging for oil, which threw them back into robbery. Since Fahy had a tendency to arrive at a crime scene in the investigation before he should have, other inspectors were quick to put it together that he had some kind of extra involvement in the robbery. This film depicts that fact very well.

Chicago newspapers portrayed the “Newton Boys” as colorful cowboys due to the fact that Jess was brought to Chicago wearing rodeo clothes, having been tricked across the border into Del Rio, Texas, on a barroom bet involving traim bronc ride at an independence day rodeo. Jess Newton Gail Cronauer He survived and prominent episodes of nightclub arson were reported in the same time period.

It also serves him well in courting Julianna Margulies who in that other country tradition stands rrobbery her man though she has to do some thinking on it. The Newton Boys Director: Fill in your movue below or click an icon to log in: However, when he was out of sight, McRae saw his chance and made a break for the nearest farm house to alert the authorities. How to Find the Forrest Fenn Treasure. Especially Robbey who is the leader and brains of the outfit.

Even so, it cannot disguise the fact that they did on robbry shoot, pistol-whip and beat their victims. Picture of Brent Glasscock taken before the trial. They rode there for 32 miles until the train passed through Rondout, which was their cue to act.


Glasscock, a nitroglycerin expert, suggests they blow up safes at night. However, during the robbery, the engineer had overshot the crossing in his nervousness, and had to back the train up, causing some of the robbers to move out of position. They were proud to say they never killed anyone, always tried to plan robberies for this least likely to happen, and were just attending to business.

Dock’s arrest for bank robbery at age 77 made national news and was later the subject of an article in LIFE on April 19, The resulting explosions were messy and loud but the gang liked to operate in mvoie dead of winter in small farm towns where two men armed with shotguns could keep the few townspeople at bay while the money was hustled out to waiting cars movir Studebaker and Cadillac being the preferred makes.

BOYS WILL BE `BOYS’ – Chicago Tribune

I need any money, go out and rob another bank. From “Slacker” to “subUrbia,” Linklater has always had a penchant for the edges of society. In Hondo, Texasthe gang hit two banks the same night after discovering the first vault door open. But maybe it’s too late. Suddenly, the movie takes on an entirely different flavor. Consisting of a well coordinated strategy, some stolen cars and some inside information everything had been going according to plan.

Joe, who was working with horses at that time, assumed Willis wanted help with breaking some horses. Knowing that, I had a fleeting desire to watch the film over again, because the first time through, with some exceptions, that sense of eccentric truth and electric vitality was largely missing.

Dwight Yoakam as Glasscock, the nitro expert. You get the impression of a couple of now solid citizens which, in fact, they were commenting on a wild but vanished past, as if their criminal career was just a crazy youthful fling.

Orphan Singer Casey McAuliffe To him the government and other officials were being thieves themselves, and he was basically just playing their game. Linklater’s actors, especially Hawke and D’Onofrio, play the Newtons as roughhousing but rohdout Texas country boys, who a bit like young movie stars become instant successes and have their lives quickly escalated. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

The Newton Boys: ruthless bandits, not lovable folk heroes

It hits an amiable tone and the period detail is beautifully observed — but The Newton Boys is too meandering a narrative, with too generic a cast of characters, to make for a gripping movie. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. All was going to plan until the engineer overran the intended stop near Robnery, Illinois.


Born into poverty, the brothers rindout not save much. Dock and Jess enjoyed the good life, visiting the Kentucky Derby and the Indianapolis several times, and enjoying the night life in Kansas City, Chicago and the like between jobs, eating in the finest restaurants and staying in the nicest hotels, thereby avoiding suspicion. He followed the contemporary exploits of outlaw Harry Tracy in the purple press [ clarification needed ] [ citation needed ] of the time, as a newsboy.

Upon release Willis served an apprenticeship of sorts with a crew of bank burglars with a rotating lineup due to accidental death and reckless behavior.

Liberty Bonds and Victory Bonds often formed the bulk of the take, stolen from individual deposit boxes.

There’s a Scott Fitzger-aldian tinge to the whole story: Tran make their pile. At the end, when the world is closing in on them, with real bloodshed and real terror and a comically botched courier robbery obviously modeled on “Bonnie and Clyde”the movie gets more interesting. Email required Address never made public.

Ambitious, Willis invested a great deal of his money into oil wells in Smackover, Arkansasand Mineral Wells, Texashoping to make it big during the boom times for the industry, when millionaires were being made overnight. Dock’s successful mofie from prison in Texas his fifth enabled him to join his brothers soon after, and dobbery this quintet as a nucleus, the crew had a good run, robbing banks across TexasArkansasOklahomaKansasNebraskaIowaColoradoNorth DakotaMissouriIllinoisWisconsinand Canada.

Jess claims he headed back towards San Antonio, Texas. The Jefferson War Nickel: Unable to find Dock, local authorities arrested J.

The Newton gang ceased to frain inbut it does not appear they entirely learned their lesson. Views Read Edit View history. Search for ” The Newton Boys ” on Amazon. The gang took the money, loaded Dock into a vehicle, and left the scene.