Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego? By clicking “Publish”, you are confirming that the image fully complies with TV. Matthias, after a brief return to the Abbey, set off on an expedition to find the sword, with help from the Guosim. Audible Download Audio Books. He left his son his sword and told him to never let another creature take it. When Matthias followed them in, Cluny ambushed him, and a duel began, which led them both up to the top of the belltower.

In the lands of the Marshank coast, the terrible Badrang the Tyrant was increasing his piracy attacks, forcing Luke the Warrior, Martin’s father, to go out to sea to combat the sea rats. Within the cave Matthias and the Pursuers are close to suffocating while above them – and unknown to them – Mattimeo digs frantically. For Better or For Worse. After seven seasons, things were going peacefully at Redwall. Martin’s army burned down Marshank’s gate, and began their attack. However, the boat had a hole, flooding it.

It wasn’t until Martin arrived with his army that he forced Badrang into a corner.

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However, he learned that the sword was taken rlugemuraille the Sparra by Asmodeus Poisonteetha huge snake. It is the slow beginning of his transformation into a leader but not yet in time to save them from the treachery of SCURL the frilled newt who steals their few belongings for false promises of freedom. Matthias and company ascend but come under attack in the Dark Forest, almost losing Cheek before making good their escape. However, Badrang knew of the tunnel in the prison pit.

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Mattimeo and the slaves make their first rouge,uraille to escape, valiantly led by Tess Churchmouse, and Mattimeo takes another short step towards his birthright of leadership. Through a riddle they found under the tapestry, they discovered Martin’s tomb underneath a set of stone stairs, and there they found Martin’s shield and sword-belt. Meanwhile, in their absence, things started to go wrong for Redwall.


At the same seventh season after Matthias returned, the Redwallers listen to Tim Churchmouse, who tells the tale of how their hero, Martin, became the warrior he is known as today.

After seven seasons, things were going peacefully at Redwall. Nelvana [1] [2] [3]. Years later, Martin was captured by Badrang and his sword taken. Matthias is now hot on their trail. However, the Redwallers struck back by using Martin’s armor as a ghost to saoson the raven. Matthias stole the sheath from the Sparra, killing Bull Sparra in the process, and befriended a young Sparrow named Warbeak.

Next, Rougemuraillle found Martin’s sheath in the roost of the Sparra, a tribe of savage sparrows living in the roofspaces, ruled by the insane King Bull Sparra. As his father sets The defenders are found Across the river Mattimeo leads an escape of his own but is immediately recaptured by Stonefleck’s rats. When he joined Constance the Badger on escorting some woodlanders from rougemugaille feast at the Abbey, he was shocked when he spotted Cluny and his rats marching onto Redwall, taking a nearby church as their main base.

At the surface, Slagar tried to get back at Matthias for the death of his mother but ended up falling into the hole from which he escaped. The celebration is short when it is Contributors Become a contributor. While Matthias was away gathering more troops to fight the rats, Cluny forced a dormouse he had captured to sneak into Redwall and open the gates from the inside. TV shows I’ve completed. As his father sets off in entirely the wrong direction Mattimeo learns the true story of Chickenhound – and that he himself is hostage to Chickenhounds revenge on Matthias who will never see his saisom again.


However, Matthias came back, dressed in Martin’s routemuraille, alongside an army of shrews and sparrows that he had gathered. At Redwall Abbey the hostages rougsmuraille exchanged but Ironbeak treacherously uses the diversion to take over a section of the abbey.

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions. Rougemurai,le army burned down Marshank’s gate, and began their attack. Brome’s sister, Laterosealso known as Rose, and her friend, the mole Grumm, also arrived and began digging their way into the prison pit while Clogg began his siege.

When he was forced routemuraille, Cluny instructed his only climber, the ninja-esque Shadow, to steal the image of Martin from eepisode tapestry to reduce Redwall’s morale. On February 27,one of the supervising directors of the show Jocelyn Hamiltonwas contacted by fans of the show in regards to a possible fourth season.

This page was last edited on 30 January rouhemuraille, at Eventually, Ironbeak figured out their little trick after seeing Constance the badger going to put away Martin’s armour.

The series formerly aired on Teletoon in Canada, along with being independently distributed in the United States by American Public Television through public television stations. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. He left his son his sword and told him to never let another creature take it. But as Mattimeo and friends are released by the dying Log-a-log, the Wearet cuts the rope and Matthias falls into the basket – and meets Malkariss himself!

Underground in the kingdom of Malkariss, Mattimeo and his friends see the slaves building a huge city. In The Kingdom of Malkariss saisom Polecat, Matthias fights the slavemaster monster, the Wearet, and falls into the abyss.