Hallyu Suzy Team Wins Suzy received a gold trophy. That’s funny how you just noticed when the whole reason the three of them guested on this episode was to promote Hotblooded Youth. Thanks for being to sweet to our Big-nose hyung! Where else would they be? I feel like JH and JK is a case of could-have. I need this very much.

Your email address will not be published. I enjoyed last week’s ep more as there was a lot more banter and fun interaction between the teams. Then Jong-seok swoops in to choose Ji-hyo, who readily agrees and snaps at Gary for calling her his insurance. My 2nd episode of Running Man ever, and I gotta say I liked it overall. My only problem is that even though they succeeded there was still a hint given out. Retrieved 19 February

Maybe the Production Team was planning to make Ji Hyo as the couple girl because she hasn’t got the role of secret couple since ep 1, only the boys got it and coupled with the female guest. Reduce the number to 0 using mathematical symbols to escape the punishment in Taiwan. Final partners after swapping: I actually loved all the judges; all unique in their own ways. This episode got me rolling in laughter. Then Soo-hong groans when his fried rockfish breaks in the pan.

As the real clue, which was a major one, helped to confirm their identities!

Se-young is eliminated on her way back, but her teammates make it back just fine, including Ji-hyo. Retrieved 15 May Her theme for their menu is a play on words: Initial suspicions start flying, but Jong-seok remains silent. I don’t think he is hyped, compared to some actors who are famous quickly, ex Kim woo Runing, Lee Minho, Kim soo huyn, kim huyn joong I always do enjoy seeing the drama element incorporated into epislde show setting.

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I totally agree with your comment, PBY is not underrated at all, I love her and she’s a good actress and she’s liked by general public and fans, she’s totally getting the amount of popularity she’s deserving of just like Lee Jong seok, if she will get more popularity than she’s getting now than I’m afraid she’ll fall on the category of overrated actors and actresses, and looking at her filmography she’s still got a lot to prove to be called big star, except werewolf boy and speedy scandal her other movies didn’t do well, even in werewolf boy song joong ki totally overshadowed her, she’s still got a long way to go, she’s an up and coming movie star just like Lee Jeon Seok.


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Would have been funny if a judge pulled a long hair out of the food. He’s a good actor but I just don’t goosdrama the hype. But this means time is running out for our secret couple as the game is winding down.

In the car Jae-suk guesses the real hint points to the number of strokes when the names are written in hanja characters. Ji-hyo and Jong-seok might have been less suspicious of Jong Seok wouldn’t have said to Ji0hyo “Come out! I pretty much agreed that finally Runnjng Hyo got her first role of being a secret couple, because normally they would paired up one of the male members with the female guest, and I thought of that before the episode started. Sung-kyu is funny and while we saw more of that in this episode I would like for him to come back soon.

Some Sevit Banpo-dongSeocho-guSeoul. That title belongs to actress Park Bo-youngand the boys are in awe of the petite leader.

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Find the camera and peisode a picture with it to perform in the R Orchestra while avoiding the culprit. Both Jong-seok and Ji-hyo spot the couple pose they have to complete linking arms as they arrive at the field with their teams.

Jong-sookie was probably my favorite part. Well, he finally felt ignorance after kept intimidate the members for a long time. Han Gooddra,a Han team members each received a gold janggi piece. Teacher Shim is nice enough to drop some tips along the way.


In the present, Jong-seok is still awkwardly reserved and Ji-hyo notes that today is Tuesday which means no Monday Couple?

But the model’s comments about KJK being a chatterbox was pretty funny since back during his X-Man days, KJK didn’t talk a lot but when he did, it was pretty witty. Gooddtama, even-though they were just doing secret mission for secret couple, for a moment, I felt like those were real. I feel sorry for Suk Jin. In the first several episode of rm, he was really good, on par with jae suk.

NewFan January 25, at 8: In a way, the traveling to spots throughout Korea to gather and cook fresh ingredients known in various locals was very reminiscent of “Family Outing” – not to mention the music such as the Vader theme and the music played when things are going wrong. I really dont know if Jong-kook nit-picking pedantic personalily mwn shows on RM is real or not, but in cooking such traits are very much a plus as the results being good or bad depends yooddrama in those small details.

Gooddrxma love the writer she was cute and I loved how she gave back as good as she got. You will receive a link to create a new password via email.

The egg gooddama had me in tears, I was laughing so hard. When they arrive to their next mission location, Ji-hyo nearly gapes to see the next challenge: So that could have been a factor as well.


Where else would they be? To me, they feel more like brother and sister relationship. I pretty much squealed every time they had to sneak in those couple poses. To that, Ji-hyo admits she is, but that gets cast aside by other guesses. Page 1 Page 2 Next page.