RM makes me laugh every week! Kookie and Jin Hee facing off in the room where the last clue is.. Seriously, some people are truly silent-genic i. Now only two killers are left to hunt down the remaining three Running Man. The games on RM have definitely improved over the early eps; less just running around and more creative. This was a great episode. I laughed so hard when Chun Hee and Kwang Soo attempted to lift the helicopter.

Meanwhile, our cast is picked up at Yeosu airport by our handy maknae FD dressed as a tour guide today. The briefcase carries the mission card inside: I love how Jihyo eventually blew up at Sangwook. Episodes by LollyPip. Also while I like Joong-ki as an actor esp. I love love Ace Ji Hyo. Their character images on their shows really are the same — who knew?

The problem is that none of them are particularly tech-savvy, and there are a vast number of computers in the building — how are they to track down the right ones?

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna. I liked how protective Sung-soo was of IU from his running to help her with Jong-kook when she called Oppa to shielding her from the dust flying around when the helicopter was taking off.

Drama Recaps The Crowned Clown: They inspect a suspicious helicopter for clues, and Chun-hee gets the not-so-brilliant idea that it might be under the helicopter and then they try to LIFT it. Meanwhile, our cast is picked up at Yeosu airport by our handy maknae FD dressed as a tour guide today. Strengthwise, they are probably quite equal too! Drama viewership ratings for the week of Feb.


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In their cars, each team strategizes where to head off first. The other half of the Easy Brothers panics when Ji-hyo confronts him about being a spy.

Ji jin Hee really had a good strategy at the end. The captioned proverb tells us in a nutshell: Remember to watch it every week!

For their next stop, the Red and Yellow Teams choose a crab restaurant. This episode was great! The RM was not eliminated long after they sprayed the liquid on their backs and the speculation about the guests should have alerted them that just as Jongkook said they’ve been had. He is the most logical and clever killer. Episodes by LollyPip. So Jong-kook instructs Haha to close the door when he comes in.

THank you for the lovely recap!

Hee — I love how Sang-wook acts with such bravado about this task and then masks his failure with his trademark rich chuckle. Loved gooddraka 4 Killers. Because if I wanted to save Jaesuk, I wouldn’t have called attention to him when the killers’ backs are turned to Jaesuk. It’s too bad the producers of Family Outing didn’t get Haha – would have made a great variety show even better.

And watching Jae-suk and HaHa in the helicopter at the end was hysterical.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

With only one mission left, all of our teams hurry to their last bingo mission location. Eliminate all the Running Men before they complete their mission.


Currently, Happy Togetheris still placed one of the most popular shows on Korean free-to-air networks which airs every Thursday at This variety show is funny and cute at the same time.

Omg i couldnt stop shouting, my heart was beating so fast at the last scene. Lots of funny moment too taking place in this show. Jaesuk, Haha and Jongkook really form a great core for variety, as they have done since their X-Man days. The sultan of swat! I forgot that Jin Ji Hee and kwangsoo were on dongyi together! Also while I like Joong-ki as an actor esp. Raptor January 4, at In jail, the eliminated attempt to figure out the consonant clue.

Here, the Running Man must evade their seekers by finding the computers which reveal the clues to an unknown item. I first heard about the four guy guests during the last episode, so I assumed they well, all of them except for Chun-hee had this cool image because they were so cool and slick.

I loved how when the female staff member got Jae-Suk to open the door she told him how big a fan of his she is. I love Song Ji Jyo!!