Hollow would be her loyal follower, and Vega viewed him as such, until he sacrificed himself for her, making Vega realize that she had loved Hollow as well, not as Altair, but as his own person. When Mega Man finds her in the Bermuda Maze, she claims that she doesn’t want to be found, and cuts off their Brother Band. This page was last edited on 25 December , at Gemini Spark White eventually sacrifices his “Black” counterpart to restore fully Andromeda and destroy Earth when the not at full power Andromeda was stopped by the three Sages of AM. He is a die-hard fan of Sonia’s and is targeted by Cancer after failing to get into one of her concerts without a ticket where Cancer was trying to target the security guard. List of Mega Man Star Force episodes. However, Geo proved more than a match for Solo when he gained the Berserk Sword. Heaven’s Feel – II.

There, she explains she was following Vega’s orders to protect to which Geo replies how her betrayal did not protect him. Rather, Laplace uses his Wizard abilities to transform into a large scimitar that Rogue uses in place of his old broadsword. In both the game and anime, she wishes for Geo to go back to school, but respects his wishes to stay at home. The manga differs vastly from the video-game and anime iterations of the franchise, although the premise is set up similarly. List of Mega Man Star Force episodes original series. In the anime, Cooper make an incorrect assumption that Mega Man was a criminal and often tried and failed miserably to arrest him.

However, the Wave World deteriorates as they return to the real world, and shows Luna hugging Geo, who ends up being the second human after Sonia to know Mega Man’s identity.

His goal is to eliminate Dealer, the reason being that they are misusing Murian technology. This is due to him being a man-made Wizard. Rocckman anime background is the same as the game, except that Cygnus has him believe that everyone is against him and Tom attempts to crash a satellite on the city in retaliation.

Kato, Takao Director, Storyboard. Aaron approaches him asking if he’d like to form a Brother Band, which Tom, while happy at the idea, is still a little doubtful, at which time Cygnus approaches him.

While Cancer does not have evil intentions like many of his FM brethren, he and his human partner are boastful and pride themselves highly on their skills in battle. The last name Ushi means cow or cattle in Japanese. Odyssey of the Celestial Ark Star Blazers: He is then revealed to be the protector of the seal on Le Mu, and only pursued the OOPArts so that they could not be used to revive it. After Le Mu Ra Mu in the Japanese version is defeated, it is revealed that her primary reason for reviving Mu is trihe that she could use its power to bring her dead lover Altair the only person whom she ever formed a BrotherBand withback to life.


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This appeared to work until Gemini Spark White deleted his other half in order to harness his minus energy and revive Andromeda. In the end, she stayed behind on Mu rather than face imprisonment as opposed to escaping in the gameleaving her final fate open to interpretation.

He is a respected researcher who mysteriously vanished while trying to make friendly contact with extraterrestrials through the use of Brother Band, a type of EM wave technology.

He is the original holder of the Andromeda Key, a device which permits access to a war-engine made up of EM waves throughout the universe known as Andromeda. Luna also seems to like Geo, making food for him and bickering with Lyra Note over who likes Mega Man more. The human population carries portable devices called Transers to interface with the EM Wave World and other electronic devices.

Under Gemini’s suggestion, he obliterated the AM Planet with Andromeda’s assistance, and also ordered the assault on the space station from where Kelvin was trying to contact his home world. In the manga, Geo’s back-story remains the same. Laplace was either drawn to Solo’s loneliness, or the fact that he is the last Murian alive.

In the manga, Bud encounters a gang of street thugs who rocoman him and an innocent puppy.

Surveyors of the three satellites in Earth’s orbit that keep the EM Wave World in check and the wise men of the AM Planet, the Admins question whether Geo and Omega-Xis are strong enough to take on the FM forces, and as a test, Mega Man must battle with one of them in a weakened “shadow” state. Notably, all of the songs sung during the anime are sung by Misato Fukuen, and twice, once during the anime and once during the games, Misora Hibiki is portrayed actually singing the theme songs, the latter case done through printed vocals.

Furthermore, in order to fill more time, a few minutes of footage from various episodes are added at the start of episodes, usually narrated by a particular member of the cast, acting as a recap of previous episodes and slight foreshadow of upcoming events. When victorious, Mega Man is given the legendary “Star Force,” a power which allows him to take on the appearance and abilities of the Satellite Admins themselves.

The second series follows the events of the second game focusing on the lost continent of Mu. More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: In a last-ditch effort to subdue Andromeda, the Satellite Admins used a kamikaze technique to stop Andromeda. In the anime, he is a cocky and determined third grade student who was saddened by his lack of friends, resulting in his encounter with Rockmqn who accidentally merged with Claud when he was trying to merge trkbe the security guard throwing Claud out of Sonia Strumm’s concert.


In the anime, she epusode introduced as a famous researcher who is known for her writings on ancient civilizations as well as the invention of the Radio Composer that Tom Tribr used when he was controlled by Cygnus. Hoping to earn Tom’s trust, Aaron removes his helmet in the Space Simulation chamber which, as it turns out, Tom already filled with oxygena shocked Dubius realizes the truth, releasing Cygnus’ hold over him. Edit Synopsis The second series is to follow the events of the second video game, focusing on the lost continent of Mu.

Luna, after witnessing Mega Man change back to Geo goes into self-denial of seeing it though Zack and Bud were present at the time. But on, Cygnus rocoman his never cared for his minions once he gets the Andromeda Key, almost killing them when he goes to destroy the earth. When Geo finally comes to school, Luna basically treats Geo like another flunky. Technology has advanced rapidly since the age of the internet, leading to the creation of new and more efficient modes of transportation, as well as the construction of futuristic cities, all linked together by three satellites orbiting the Earth—Pegasus, Leo, and Dragon.

After his death, Vega created a Matter Wave simulacrum of his soul, and placed it inside of a shell body.

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Afterwards, Ice realizes that she was gribe little over her head and attempts to resign as Belle’s manager because of her actions until Belle points out how much she cares about her. But in order to reach Rogue, Zerker must first traverse an eight-story tower and battle Rogue’s underlings every step of the way, including Saurian and Ninja who are under the influence of Mu.

List of Mega Man Star Force episodes original series.

Geo uses this newfound power to protect his friends and others from the invading FM-ians. Be the first to make a review here! Mega Man Trine Force. The anime is currently composed of two series: His English name is a pun on the Aurora Borealis. Mega Man Star Force episode lists.

The ryuuwei series began on October 7, in Japan, and an English adaptation premiered on Toonami Jetstream on July 23, Mega Man eventually beats Queen Ophiucus, but she tries to persuade Omega-Xis to hand over the key so they may use its power together.