Only redeeming quality of the whole anime is the art style and the protagonist. But I didn’t expect that you would watch anime based on nudity. BTW you will really get mindfuck at the end of Evangelion. More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: I’d say you should watch Byosoku first since it’s really short then I’d say – Bakuman but watch out – if you start watching the first episode you’re gonna marathon it until the end of season 3. O I couldn’t bear it for a few episodes. The episodes in Brotherhood are like a quick recap of the first half of the original after which the two stories seperate.

Accel world is more like SAO in the sense that its abt a game but still different and i didnt watch after 2nd ep,wasnt much interested. Any one of you guys who has checked strawberry panic? I could barely make myself finish both Index seasons whereas I gave Railgun anime of the season awards for both its respective ones. D I’ve never been into any sport other than boxing and I only liked Baseball when I was a kid. Karneval Mawaru Penguindrum Tsuritama Some of these are better than others Karneval may not be for you , but I think these shows are at least worth watching. There seriously needs to be more animes like this. Here are some anime links Some of them have english sub and some of them romanian sub

Hmm you should try one Karneval Mawaru Penguindrum Tsuritama Some of these are better than others Karneval may not be for youbut I think these shows are at least worth watching.

I wished it had some crazy, freaking blazing shots like in inazuma 11 but too bad its based on reality: D And the first 15 episode might have some mild nudity but its a side thing in the story. Can’t wait for it: D it can be basketball, or football or rugby or any other sport but has to have super blazing shots or yeah And BTW if u liked Clannad Somehow my list keeps getting bigger and bigger even though i am watchin anime really fast xcvb U givin exams??? Other than that, the anime was great.


Hyouka is damn boring, I suggest you drop that and start this anime instead. Most of the anime are subbed and you ask for dubbed, comedy anime especially are subbed only. Monster you NEED to watch this trust me its a masterpiece Chihayafuru personal favorite amazing sport anime must watch imo if you are a fan of the sport genre Magi Great Shonen anime i prefer the manga but that anime is great too Hajime no Ippo another must watch sport anime really good its long but its well worth it.

Welcome to Infinity MU Online community forums. That anime is seriously a must watch for people who like drama and comedy.

Which anime on my PTW list do I really need to watch?

U saw any sports anime: Has anyone watched Yuru Yuri. Second Raid is better than first season.

Watch Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo already. They always have somthng to annime44 that’s why it keeps me hooked: Nah, I actually don’t like Sports animes and sports games. Kimi no iru machi one of my Fav,drama,romance,school life,slice of life and later on echhi too Kingdom 2 Monogatari series second season: Hey i remember a glimpse of Ahime44 in the upcoming animes D Giant Killing is good too.

Okay will give it a shot Too good to be true.

D Actually you didn’t tell me anything: Recent Watched Ignored Search Forum. I’ll give Angel Beats a shot then.

Do tell me if its worth watching or not. Seeing that you guys have enough time to even re-watch animes, I’m getting really jealous. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk 2.


I am not alone. D aur abi practical: I watched Inazuma Eleven, Prince of Tennis and some other show about football. Anyone anime44 Sakurasou Pet no Kanojo?

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D N gizmo oka when i will talk with you i’ll use english N shinagami i’ll use japanese with u y Sent from my A2 using Tapatalk 2.

Stay night came first, but it’s the sequel. Nah, didn’t get the time. Which anime on my PTW list do For me it was 2 days He is a bonehead: Sex or student life ain’t a genre, though romance is. And just see, your perception about Jin will probably change It is already, the thing is the part I mentioned highlighted him as that somewhat.

P Those two are pretty awesome in my opinion. At the end of the series and even throughoutI was on verge of tears several times.

Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo – Episode 19

It’ll be better that way. Am currently checking Code Geass and Baccano!

I know what I’m getting into. And the plot, it was just brilliantly executed. Read the VN, then compare it with the anime. Any one of you guys who has checked strawberry panic?

The wakurasou thing on your list that I would prioritize over others would be http: Slam dunk is a little old and i’d say childish