But as it was too powerful to control, the Origami was sealed away within the mountain and gauarded by the Sakikibara clan. Using a combination of Modikara element attacks, the Shinkengers weaken Marigomori’s shell before destroying him with the Tora Five Rings Bullet as the kuroko cheer them on. The Lantern Samurai [ edit ]. After the seller gives them the slip with spicy sushi, Ryunosuke and Mako go to Shojo Valley to find Takeru while Chiaki and Kotoha track down the sushi seller. The Shinkengers soon learn that Akumaro is holding the children in Yamai, where he intends to use them to help create dry riverbeds to receive the Sanzu River in the mortal realm. After Jii notices that the places that Akumaro attacked prior all form a straight line, Takeru becomes concerned as he and the others go through the Shiba archives for any clues.

Admiring him for having such loyal friends and seeing that the plan she was brought on for failed, Kaoru adopts Takeru as her son and successor, resigning as head of the Shiba House. Later, when Mister Brown meets up with Ryunosuke for his next training session, Ryunosuke tells him that he cannot train Mister Brown anymore and leaves. After failing almost every interview because he’s a lantern to show Genta up, DaiGoyou is found by Mako who tries to talk some sense into him. While the other vassals fight the Nanashi Company, and while an untransformed Takeru helps the kuroko bring civilians to safety, Shinken Pink confronts Dayu. Sogizarai’s spinning attacks completely overwhelm the Shinkengers, but he dries out and is forced to retreat. The Shinkengers use all their Modikara in one final attack, successfully destroying Doukoku for good. After Hachounin’s sucker punch nearly kills Mister Brown, Shinken Blue launches the first assault against Hachouchin, and the other Shinkengers follow suit before Hachouchin takes all five down easily. Mako hesitates, so Kotoha jumps in to defend her and is injured.

When he tries to transform, his Shodo Phone is eaten, leaving him to watch his comrades fight Futagawara and get overpowered before the Ayakashi takes his leave. Later, after Takeru uses his Modikara to ease Ryota as he stands by the sidelines, Ryunosuke is confused when Mako turns him down.

Inspired, Ryunosuke, Chiaki, and Kotoha attempt to be of help to the community, only causing trouble with a kuroko outdoing them at every time. Later, after Kaoru leaves him with the task of continuing the Shiba House’s fight against the Gedoushu, Takeru bids farewell to his friends: As he expresses his guilt that it is partly his fault that they died and that Hiro is in trouble, Takeru tells him otherwise and returns the Secret Disk to Toji. Using a combination of Modikara element attacks, the Shinkengers weaken Marigomori’s shell before destroying him with the Tora Five Rings Bullet as the kuroko cheer them on.

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Dayu reveals that she knew that the Shinkengers would try to stop her, so she dispatched a second samuri of Nanashi to kidnap the real bride. A Threefold Strife [ edit ].

After the battle, Genta posts “no more curry” signs on his sushi cart, losing all of his new customers, to return to his true passion: As a near-death Takeru is taken to the Shiba House, Doukoku is dropped into the depths the Sanzu River to regain his strength, leaving Akumaro to take over the Rokumon Junk with no opposition.


The Shinkengers arrive to rescue Mako, and Shinken Red reveals that he had his own counter-plan; the real bride turns out to be Ryunosuke in disguise and Modikara-based clones were used to make Dayu think that her plan succeeded. Hachouchin is on the brink of defeating the Shinkengers when he retreats, needing to rehydrate. When she succeeds only at unnerving him and making a mess of the room, Kotoha takes full responsibility and apologizes for being clumsy and stupid. The Sent Words [ edit ].

Heavy Cries [ edit ]. Recognizing the name of the place, Jii reveals it to be the site where Modikara came to be and also the birthplace of the first Origami: But Shinken Blue takes the intended hit only to be brought under Hitomidama’s control as well.

Using Modikara, the group manages to bring Utakasane back into their world to destroy him before he has the chance to escape. Samurai Sentai Shinkenger is the 33rd program in the Super Sentai series, airing from to Bonds [ edit ]. Motivated by his lord’s determination, Ryunosuke finally manages to fish the Kajiki Origami out with aid from Sakutaro.

Juzo arrives for his duel with the worn out Takeru, though Genta attempts to reason with him. Once Shinken Red arrives, the Shinkengers are no match for Yanasudare who falls back when he begins to dry up. Many long-time Rangers fans became introduced to Sentai through this show from a desire to find a new show to watch in the same vein, and were less than impressed with the remake afterwards.

Sentak, Takeru brings Hikoma to see his daughter and her family. Later, after talking to the other vassals on how to win his acceptance, Genta poses as a kuroko to spy on Ryunosuke and learn to be more like him.

When Rokuroneri is revived, despite Shinken Green’s intent to finish him off himself, Shinkenoh is formed and slays the Ayakashi after Shinken Red’s own training pull off.

The Ayakashi Zuboshimeshi appears and subjects his victims to insults that hurt their feelings so deeply that the verbal abuse actually becomes a physical assault. Her retainer Tanba explains the full story behind Takeru being a lord and the eighteenth head of the Shiba House, while Kaoru is given the items belonging to Shinken Red, as she does not wish to hide anymore. By the time he reaches the battle, Kotoha’s xhinkenger has been stolen by the Ayakashi, leaving her comatose, with just one day left to live.

While a debate occurs at the mansion over if Takeru should accept Juzo’s challenge or not, with Ryunosuke the only one against it, Juzo talks with Dayuu, striking a nerve as she decides to live with her suffering to maintain her existence. Without sybbed Shodo Phone, Ryunosuke goes back to the kabuki theater to watch his friend Shintaro practice for an upcoming performance that both were supposed to perform together until Ryunosuke became a Shinkenger.

While the others go after Yamiororo, Ryunosuke is sent to acquire the Origami itself by fishing for it.


Faced with the task of figuring out how to undo Abekonbe’s curse without killing him, Chiaki and Kotoha devise a risky strategy for their next encounter with the Ayakashi. We’re also working on a Character Sheetand migrating shinksnger tropes over there. The vassals leave to find Takeru, but Ryunosuke stays behind, plagued with self-doubt.

The Manipulated Academy [ edit ]. GentaTakeruand Kotoha. But then, Juzo arrives to personally kill Shinken Red himself, leading to an explosive three-way sword fight with a wounded Mako and Chiaki forced to watch. The next day, they find Ryota on the move as he suddenly disposes of his baseball stuff and calls Namiayashi as he performs his end of the promise, hurting himself so he cannot play baseball in order to get his grandfather back.

Soon after, as Kotoha accepts her role as Shinken Yellow and, because of her, Takeru starts opening up again to the others. Arriving at the Tengen Temple, the burial grounds of the Shiba House, the Shinkengers are given the Inromaru after Takeru visited the tombstone of his father. Genta is taken aback, but he prepares the dish and serves it.

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When another patron of the restaurant takes a woman as his hostage, Chiaki manages to get everyone out with him but Mako, Kurando, and a mother with her baby. As Kotoha comforts Mako, their work with the children caused the Sanzu River to dry up as Nakinakite resurfaced to get them. With Shinken Blue’s urging, the guys form DaiTenku and land on the back of Nakinakite, giving him a taste of his own medicine. But when they learn their master was cold in order to save a little girl the setnai was heading towards, the vassals fully realize their mission sentak join their master in executing the deathblow.

Though Sakutaro questions the point of his endeavor, Ryunosuke resumes fishing as Takeru leaves to slow Yamiororo down in spite of the pain from the poison. Takeru, looking back at his memories with his vassals, explained that he feels the same, then starts to shed a tear.

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Shinkenoh, using both the Kabuto and the Kajiki Origami, destroys the remaining grunts. Fatherly Love, Girlish Innocence [ edit ]. Englush Shinkengers engage him, but are still unsure of how to deal with his spinning attacks until Shinken Yellow uses the Inromaru to become Super Shinken Yellow, countering Sogizarai’s attacks with her own spinning attack. The Shinkengers soon learn that Akumaro is holding the children in Yamai, where he intends to use them to help create dry riverbeds to receive the Sanzu River in the mortal realm.