Other examples of initiatives to limit fossil fuel use include a partnership with Toyota for two hybrid vehicles and the purchase of an electric car for company use. When an asset is derecognized or has suffered an other than temporary impairment, the cumulative gain or loss previously recognized in equity is reclassified into profit or loss. The valuation was updated in late December The valuation-date fair value, including a discount for the rent-free period granted under the most recent lease, is in the range of million to million million to million. In connection with that inquiry, the New York State Attorney General has served a subpoena on the four major record companies. The new standard is applicable to annual periods beginning on or after January 1, , with early adoption allowed. Interest income from interest-bearing instruments is recognized using the effective interest method.

Recurring expenses for the year chiefly corresponded to operating expenses for a total of The parent company, Fimalac, employs only a small team, mostly working in management, as well as on investment and development projects. Principal Accountant Fees and Services. Companies acquired or divested during the year are consolidated from the acquisition date or up to the divestment date. Equal Opportunity at the INP catering department, in partnership since with: The company had the eighth largest share of the PC and console games market combined in , at 5. Where necessary, the financial statements of subsidiaries acquired during the period are restated to comply with Group accounting policies.

The fair value of financial instruments for which observable inputs are not available are measured using unobservable inputs i. At the end ofBlizzard will release the first expansion pack for this game.

Section 1. Presentation of the Fimalac Group Chairman’s Message Key figures… 7

Workers compensation policies, which meet the requirements of the various Federal and State laws, have been issued by AIG. SFR remains the leader in terms of net sales comediss its mobile telephony market for the third consecutive year, with a The composition, role and activity of these Committees are described below. This sector is still investing to grow its live entertainment production, entertainment and sports venue management and entertainment services businesses.


A deferred tax asset or liability is recognized on the difference between the carrying amount of the held-for-sale assets in the consolidated balance sheet and their tax base. SFR is the only operator to have achieved this ranking for two consecutive years. SFR crosses the symbolic bar of the first million exclusively 3G customers. The options granted under SO III vest and become exercisable after a five-year period beginning May 11, and remain exercisable until the expiration of the eight-year term of the plan.

These formalities must be fulfilled prior to 3: Deferred tax liabilities are recognized for all taxable temporary differences associated with investments in subsidiaries, associates and joint ventures, except to the extent that the parent, investor or venturer is able to control the timing of the reversal of the temporary difference and it is probable that the temporary difference will not reverse in the foreseeable future.

Similarly, advances in the areas of ticket controls and security features have considerably reduced the risks associated with counterfeit tickets. Inhe joined Arthur Andersen, the international auditing firm, where he served successively as auditor, then, as manager of the Accounting Review Department. Compensation of Senior Executives of the Group.

In Octoberthe ESMA published its reports stating that it recognized the impact of the regulations on the credit rating sector and would continue to monitor the sector’s structure during the next three to five years. Amortization and depreciation are calculated over the following periods: NBC Universal is a major player in media and communications with activities encompassing the production of television programs, the production and distribution of motion pictures, the operation of television broadcasting stations and the operation of theme parks.

SFR reaches3G customers. In the fall ofFitch Ratings was summoned to appear before the New South Wales Federal Court in Australia, in a case brought by a council that invested in securities exposed to Sigma, the world’s largest structured investment vehicle, which collapsed during the financial crisis. Equal Opportunity at Institut National du Patrimoine, in partnership since with: The information below mainly concerns the Group’s operating subsidiaries.


Vivendi Universal is a major player in media and telecommunications with activities in music, interactive games, television, cinema and fixed and mobile telecommunications. It holds a stake in several operating subsidiaries and is actively involved in determining their strategies. There are no material charges on the property.

Incomparable basis also includes estimated mobile-to-mobile sales at SFR applying the rate. Principal Accountant Fees and Services.


Schneider Electric, Censor non-voting Board Director. The purpose of the amendment is to simplify the accounting treatment of contributions that are not based on years of service, such as employee contributions calculated as a percentage of salary. The recoverable amount of impaired non-financial assets other than goodwill is reviewed at each period-end, and all or part of the provision for impairment is reversed where appropriate. Further, technological advances may render its products and services obsolete and force Vivendi Universal to write off previous investments and incur new ones.

We will also stay on the look-out for new real estate opportunities in Paris and other Western capitals. Its registered office is located in Paris. These risks are hedged when the amounts involved are material.

Section 1. Presentation of the Fimalac Group Chairman’s Message Key figures PDF

They do not include Fitch Group employee numbers, which are discussed in Note Number of employees by category: The new standard is applicable to annual periods beginning on or after January 1,with early adoption allowed. At year-endthe market penetration rate of mobile telephony in Morocco was Legal proceedings, which contemplate imposing a cost orientation SMS call termination rate on operators, are currently under way. It is subject to the approval of the CSA and the antitrust authorities.

Its members were Messrs. Legal Digital Distribution of Music.