Breaker Feb 21, Ushio breaks down in depression because of this distancing, which results in Ushio breaking her arm, but is able to make up with Sumika. Shousei Ito Tomoyoshi Koyama. I’m back from Europe, I’m still kinda tired, and I missed a lot of gaming news that happened last week when it happened. Sumika, who had quit karate because it is not “cute”, starts training again to help in Charlotte’s training, much to the joy of Sumika’s father. The Warrior Strike Witches:

However, unbeknownst to her, their trip is cut short due to Tomoe wrecking their rented car. When Sumika’s phone starts working again and Ushio calls it, Teru rushes it over to Sumika who is attending a festival and the two finally get to talk to each other. Ushio decides to distance herself from Azusa so that Norio’s secret identity won’t be found out. Episode 1 2 years ago. Sparkling Phantom A. Masaki Utsunomiya Key Animation: Meanwhile, Mayu realizes that she might have romantic feelings for Sumika as well, which distracts her in a karate tournament.

G-Taste Asobi ni Iku yo! Later, Ushio episoed over to Sumika’s house instead of going to meet with Chizuka. Using some pity tactics, Manaka manages to get Sumika to agree to go on a date with Masaki.

Sasameki Koto is a Japanese yuri manga series written and illustrated by Takashi Ikeda. Shizuka Hasegawa as Sayaka ep Just then, Ushio spots the model, who immediately runs off.

Zeccho Emotion BanG Dream! After Ushio starts realizing she has romantic feelings for Sumika, she starts to worry that Sumika may stop being friends with her. Sumika discovers one of her classmates, a boy named Masaki Akemiya who likes her, started cross-dressing to catch her attention, but inadvertently was hired as a model.

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The Animation — Humanity Has Declined As Ushio leaves, Sumika notices her blushing as she goes. My Goddess SoltyRei — Ah!

Later, Sumika runs for student council president, though runs into various problems concerning rumours about her, and is forced to recede when Mayu ends up punching another student for insulting Sumika.


Tomoe reveals to Sumika her vision of a girls only club, and Miyako attempts to blackmail her into joining, but Sumika tells her that she and Ushio are not a couple. Kiyomi Yazawa as Mother ep Ai Maeda as Noe Hayasumi. However, when she finally gets back, she trips up and spreads all the copies everywhere, causing Azusa’s mother to slip and spill drinks all over them.

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However, she becomes very depressed when Sumika can’t remember offering to help, and runs home to cry. Thinking about Sumika, Azusa is inspired to work on an original story as opposed to a doujin, and spends many nights working on it with the hopes of showing Sumika the final result.

However, unbeknownst to her, their trip is cut short due to Tomoe wrecking their rented car. Tokyo Animator Gakuin eps Sponsor: After leaving, Tomoe and Miyako thank Sumika for helping them get friends. Sumika agrees to go on one date with Masaki, who comes cross-dressed as his gogkanime persona Akemi Yamasaki. Sumika goes with her family on a trip episoee visit graves and an obon festival, promising to call Ushio when she gets there.

No, I’m not going back on Twitter to catch up on The Discourse, because that never ends well. Manga Answerman – How often do English manga publishers sell at a loss?

Tomoo Koizumi as Male student ep 9. Retrieved September 6, Takashi Ikeda Character Design: The Revolution — El-Hazard: Sumika, who had quit karate because it is not “cute”, starts training again to help in Charlotte’s training, much to the joy of Sumika’s father.

Sumika ends up working with Azusa to finish her doujin for the yuri convention, hoping to finish in time to join Ushio and the others on their trip to the beach. Retrieved August 12, Aiko Matsuyama Composite Director: Meanwhile, Sumika is a bit downhearted that she herself is not what people would consider cute.


Sasameki Koto

Hiroki Yoshida as Boy ep 7 Male student eps 2, 6, Man ep He goes a bit over-the-top with his confessions and scares everyone off. Nintendo might be resurrecting a long-dead game – plus some fighting game news straight out ggogoanime EVO Japan, Steins;Gate and more! While clothes shopping, Sumika cannot handle the fact that Masaki acts more cute and girly than herself, and she runs off only to be ambushed by a trio of creepy otaku Manaka had recruited to make Masaki look like a hero.

After some investigation they find ssasameki key to a locker, but are reluctant to go to the boys’ locker room, so Sumika gets Masaki to go for them. She becomes a bit surprised when Masaki calls her cute, though it manages to lift her spirits. Alicization’s second act gets underway with this novel, which covers a major turn dasameki the story just ahead of the anime’s current pace.

Masami Inomata Art Director: The game rates the player epiode how well they can kiss, and also offers 27 pages of manga, as well as color images of the anime’s art for successful kissing. The Legacy — Dual! When another classmate, Azusa Aoi, complains about such scandalous talk, she gets kissed by Tomoe and runs off in embarrassment. Episode 1 3 years ago. Chronicles of the Heroic Knight Nightwalker: Angel Rabbie Tenchi Muyo!

Tomoe plans a trip to the beach for her ‘club’, tempting Sumika with the thought zasameki Ushio in a swimsuit.