They headed for it, and discovered a boy. He acts like he is the second-in-command of the Sazer-X. For all intents and purposes, the music also sounds like the same very limited size orchestra from the show was also used, as the music doesn’t sound anymore “grand” as one would have hoped for a feature film. In episode 38 final , he became one of twelve warriors by cosmo capsules to make a glorious future with Remy and his younger sister Yui Ando. It was, in fact, a Bosquito existed inside Bulgario, which was later explained by Professor Horiguchi. When hit by an “Optimize Beam” from one of the three Sazer ships, the Core-Caliber can combine with that ship to form a new, more powerful mecha called a Ryuuseishin Shooting Star God.

When the Cosmo Capsule ” Lio-1 ” is equipped in Lio-Breaker, he can perform his finishing move, ” Lio Fire “, unleashing a massive fiery lion from Lio Breaker which engulfs and totally annihilates the enemy. Vengeance arose in his mind, [6] so he accepted the proposal made by the Space Pirates. When hit by an “Optimize Beam” from one of the three Sazer ships, the Core-Caliber can combine with that ship to form a new, more powerful mecha called a Ryuuseishin Shooting Star God. The attires were the only thing left of the people and were all fallen on the ground. He is eventually rescued by Sazer-X, and sides with them and the other two Shoguns. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. The disc also features some recycled themes from previous Toho endeavors, such as the “Life Goes On” song from The Gransazers and the title song for The Justirisers , both of which are present in their shorter versions instead of the extended tracks.

He is the ,ovie of seven siblings, and hails from the planet Radei. Afterwards, Shouta, Shinya and Yuka, the original JustiRisers, witness the invasion of the revived Bosquitos, disguising as fake JustiRisers, getting energy from innocent lives. After Barder is revealed to be an android, he begins to question the mission of the Three Shogun on Earth.


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It is very likely she has feelings for Takuto. Remy told him that they only have one leader, just Captain Shark. Before the invasion, Mio Tendo is in Sazer Island praying for more power of justice but instead the powers went to Bosquito and she faints.

Chouseishin Series — At the end, Takuto and Remy bring Riki’s family to their home planet.

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As a result, she is the one that formally breaks up the Three Shogun by discarding Blaird movoe the group when he begins to question their mission.

Share this Rating Title: After his aircraft regains its energy, he orders his comrades to freeze the Mammoth Bosquito to lose yhe monster’s shield which reveals to be its horn as its weakness so that the Sazer-X, JustiRisers and GranSazers would able to destroy it.

Its weapon is the Eagle-Rifle and its finishing move is “Twister Shoot”, a series of powered rapid-fire shots from the Eagle-Rifle.

After their original pirate ship is destroyed, he constantly advocates abandoning the whole plan and returning to space. Sqzer, she still has to fight against her own pride before she can accept the trust of Sazer-X and finally side with them. Like Kane, they too are inexperienced. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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Jinguji is the commander of his forces, inventor and builder of Gouten, a submarine-like aircraft armed with a massive giant drill. Cosmo Capsules are those that can equip the Sazers their power by inserting it into his weapon, while the Space Pirates use them to create monsters. He comes from a lightning shock and “loses” his memory meaning the Space Pirates made him a spy to capture the zazer Cosmo Capsules.


All of a sudden a flash of lightning strikes the earth. Ichiro Horiguchi attends a meeting with Commander Jinguji concerning moive the return of Bosquito who is swarming all over Japan.

Their transformation call is X-Equip. The Sazer-X defeated the monster anyway. The Justirisers and Gransazers fought against thousands of Bosquito. Because of his inventing abilities, he constantly gets all the credit for the plans implemented by Neo Descal, because even if Aqual came up with the plan it is his machines that get the attention.

They are almost always in Sazer Form, which led to speculation that they were robots. Riki befriends Takuto and Capsazer G2.

Retrieved from ” https: Super Battle Memory She is secretly move love with Blaird. Hoshi no SenshitachiEnglish: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. He dreams of becoming an F1 racer and having his grandfather accept him as a man. Thus, they are the ancestors of the future Space Pirates that rule over Earth. The Sazer-X defeated the monster anyway.

Super Battle Memory But then something flashed into their eyes, Takuto had mistaken it sazzer a Cosmo Capsule. Chousei Kantai Sazer-X the Movie: She prays again for the power of justice and the three transforms into the Real JustiRisers to beat the remaining Bosquitos who lost their disguise. The three are getting into Sazer Island and they wake Mio.