This leads to Toutaku commenting that it’s Riju’s job to make sure Ryofu doesn’t fall. Kan-u believes in Chouryou, saying his eyes show no sign of hesitation. Just as he is on his way to take Enjyutsu’s head, Ryofu steps in. Ryuubi offers to find Fukuryuu to help repel Enshou, while Kan-u offers to go to Kyoshou to ask for Sousou’s assistance. At this point, Enshou arrives, and brands Kousonsan and the sworn brothers as traitors for going after the Gyokuji. Bakuoki returns, informing Koumei that the Gyokuji in Toutaku’s possession is the source of the darkness. Koumei reveals himself to be Fukuryuu, and after some encouragement from Ryuubi, decides to join him in his quest for Mirisha’s future. It’s a letter calling for Sonken’s and Ryuubi’s surrender.

Sonken Zephyranthes steps in, stating that they will take the initiative to break through Koroukan. They both discuss how a soldier should follow a commander’s orders and how one should always support their allies. Both Ryuubi and Kousonsan arrive at the scene to see a heated battle between Roshoku and Bagengi Zaku, however Roshoku is defeated in battle. Sonshoukou retaliates, but is easily overpowered. It’s a letter calling for Sonken’s and Ryuubi’s surrender. Shiba-i leaves the council, and meets with his disciple Kakuka Virsago. Chouryou takes his chance while Ryuubi’s back is exposed, but still fails. As Sonken rushes to bring the Koteitou to Sonsaku, Sonsaku is struck down with a fatal blow defending Sonken.

Riju Shokew, Toutaku’s strategist comments that with the gathering of various heroes in the Alliance, Ryofu might be overpowered eventually. Kakuka cannot believe Sousou is dead, but Shiba-i assures him that Sousou isn’t, and that they will carry on his will to unify Mirisha.

This page was last edited on 4 Februaryat They gundsm meet up with Enshou, who accepts Kousonsan’s surrender, but orders an arrow shower upon Ekikyourou. On the battleship, Kakuka gloats at the battleship’s superiority, just as a scout reports a rear attack. Even though Sousou is defeated, he vows to carry on his ambition, and that his will is that of the heavens. At the Enshou camp, Enshou is infuriated at not making any headway into Ekikyourou.


The people of Koutou have made flower charms for all of them, blessing them success and a safe return. Just then, a report of the scouts states epissode a large army is approaching from the west.

The episode ends with Sousou declaring Keishuu as their first target. Over at Joshuu, Ryuubi, Kan-u and Chouhi are tilling the land with the fellow villagers, though Chouhi seems to be complaining about how he’s going to get rusty at battles. It’s a letter calling for Sonken’s and Ryuubi’s surrender. Chouryou tries to persuade Kan-u to stay, but to no avail.

Over at the Gyou Castle, Ryuubi informs Enshou of Enjyutsu’s invasion of Battld, as well as all his evil deeds after proclaiming himself as Emperor, and begs Enshou to stop him. After discussions with Kousonsan, Ryuubi decides to depart bzttle Yuushu again, to help any people in need. However he spots a battle in the distance, and fears Roshoku’s safety.

Bachou tries to stop Ryuubi, but Ryuubi insists that he will help shape Mirisha’s future with his own hands, even without the Ryuuteiken. Kousonsan is more worried about the villagers and any movement from Enshou’s troops, to which Chou-un motions him to take a look outside.

SD Gundam Sangokuden Brave Battle Warriors-Episode 19: Emperor declared (ENG Dub)

The four decide to join up with the Son army to back them up. Chouhi wholeheartedly supports Ryuubi, and Chou-un, moved by the 2, swears to become Ryuubi’s steed. Enshou receives word that Sousou and his army are closing in on his position, and wants to deal with E;isode as quickly as possible, to sanglkuden Denpou has a plan when Chouryou steps up. Sonsaku easily deflects the arrows, and lures Kirei into fighting him one-on-one. In the background, the Gyouji glows with an ominous aura inside Enjyustu’s Hishou Keitai armour.


However, Suikyou says that Fukuryuu once used his stratagems to fight against Toutaku, but he lost many of his men, and has thus “died” from grief. Back at the gundak camp, Sousou is still donning the Tengyokugai, as his troops celebrate his victory.

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Gundam Seed Episode 1 [English Dubbed]. Bakuoki returns, informing Koumei that the Gyokuji in Toutaku’s possession is the source of the darkness. When Kirei leaves, Enjyutsu proclaims that only he is allowed to be Emperor, to which the Gyokuji glows with a dark aura again.

He found the source to be Gyokuji, and grabs it, only to be grabbed by Ryofu. Ryuubi comments on how rusted it is, but Roshoku comments on how Ryuubi is still rooted to the village and unable to see past the rust, and that he should use the Dragon’s Eye.

Kakuka then suggests Kan-u to do it, to which Kan-u accepts. Sousou proceeds to say that the refugees can stay in Kyoshou, and even let Chouhi and Kan-u become his generals, but with one condition: The 3 sets out south towards Kanto.

By the river-side, Rikuson Zetaplus is fishing, when he is interrupted by some Pirate Aesculapius. Deep in the depths of the river, Ryuubi seems to be in a state of limbo, as a strange blue light beckons to him. Survivung Yuushu troops are no match against Ryofu’s Team, and Ryofu deals the finishing blow on Kousonsan.

It is revealed that Bachou was in Chouhi’s village back in episode two, and is currently travelling around Mirisha. The episode recaps the climactic battle szngokuden Sekiheki.