It would be like someone saying, “Allan Sepinwall’s reviews follow the rules of traditional TV criticism. I mean, I know that there are elements of the education system and journalism in forthcoming years, but I don’t actually know how much of it is that versus Baltimore PD stuff. This could be said about many ‘advanced’ capitalist economies but what happens after that? I think Omar was in New York at the end, not in Baltimore. Did Frank even have the Philly info? Twitter Updates Twitter Updates follow me on Twitter. So what do you say, seasons of the Sopranos starting in summer ? Just one man’s opinion.

And thanks to you, I’ve discovered a number of shows I probably never would’ve watched otherwise. If I had to guess, the best-case scenario for Poot is that he goes through a succession of such no-future jobs. Omar – the one character on the show who follows the rules of more traditional filmed entertainment Very puzzled by this characterization. Good police work provides no real satisfaction for Jimmy, puts Prez in position to kill a cop, and turns Bunny Colvin into a pariah. Mad Men, “Flight 1”: When he tells Stringer that he will handle the matter himself, does he mean he will exact his retribution against Omar or Stringer for playing them? I also loved the irony of the FBI being so hell bent on breaking that union when the union was on its last legs as it was.

Cutty was one of my favorite minor characters, Omar and Brother Muozone are an insane super gangster team, and Stringer Bell’s fate shocked me to my core.

‘The Wire’: Links for reviews to every episode

I’m v excited for Alan to write about the Hamsterdam season! In conclusion, I never was a fan of Johnny Cash, but after watching this episode I have downloaded it and every time I hear it I think of Prezbo! Thanks for clearing it up for me here, anyway. I guess I keep to step my watching game up, as a West Baltimore character might say or not. Just my two cents. It always strikes me how differently I respond emotionally to these shows.


It was just one of those little sepnwall where you had a quick glimpse into what Bubbs must have been like at one point episoe his life. We watch it because, even though it’s awful to see D’Angelo throw away his future after Brianna packs his bags for a guilt trip, Larry Gilliard Jr. I’ve really enjoyed this series, and only wish I could have had something like this back when I started watching the show.

Posted by Alan Sepinwall at 7: I’m looking forward to the Season 3 recaps. I get that the Greek was an asset for Koutris, and that he did his mental calculus. But that’s just me Hopefully, we can stay on the Friday schedule for these final few weeks. The depths that the dock workers will sink to in order to put food on the table is perhaps a cliche but perhaps a commercial reality.

What’s Alan Watching?: The Wire, Season 1, Episode 12, “Cleaning Up” (Newbies edition)

Also about season 1, really. Mad Men, “Love Among the Ruins”: Daniels gives Prez his gun back and makes a wry joke about its infamously light trigger pull. Jimmy’s on the boat, Santangelo back in uniform, Daniels’ promotion prospects are iffy at best, Kevin Johnson is half-blind, D’Angelo is taking the fall for his uncle, and Stringer and the organization as a whole don’t seem to have missed a beat.

My first idea was zepinwall the Baltimore drug crews need territory to operate, which meant muscle, and that reputations serve a real purpose in that regard. The Swason is by far the best television show ever produced and deserves the great analysis and attention to detail that you provide.

On to Season 3 Episode 1! Does he know how to contact him still? Now, on to season Only Roseanne depicted true working class folk realistically for the first 5 seaso 6 seasons anyway in the last few decades of television.

Yes, the detail gets Avon locked up on a minor charge, and several of his lieutenants are either dead or locked up for a long time, but at what cost? I know some may disagree, but this reminds me of the Columbine shooting. Wee-Bey, Stinkum, Bird–all gone.


In season 1, we spent nearly equal amounts of times with seasom detectives and the drug-slingers. Then I realized I had no idea what it meant. Olympics TV preview News roundup: Come, friends, who plou This season grows on me every time I see it. Wikipedia agrees with me.

‘The Wire’ Rewind: Season 3, Episode 12 – ‘Mission Accomplished’ (Newbies edition)

Once it’s over and he carries on walking the camera pulls out and purposefully holds on the shot showing the street to be empty. No one notices them at all?

More thanks for these newbie reviews, Alan. Thanks to all for recaps eposode comments.

I’m enough of a “Wire” purist to note the departures from the usual form, but not enough of srason to be irked that this episode features so many of them. As I asked last year at this time, why do we watch this show if it’s going to give us nothing but tragedy and despair?

Thanks sepineall lot for doing this Alan. No one calling “”? We watch it because, 112 though it’s stomach-churning to see Maury Levy on the other end of Ronnie’s phone call instead of the public defender, the moment is set up so expertly. Lester even specifically says something to him about the laws “in this state” referring to MD and how he could see death row.

This could be said about many ‘advanced’ capitalist economies but what happens after that?

I too have a problem with Ziggy. Tommy’s women I can’t believe I watched the whole thing!