Unfortunately, other than the novelty of the setting, the book was not particularly notable. I’ve never read anything else by this author, but I certainly will try her again. And then she see’s Will riding his horse on the side of the road, and nothing is the same again. All he wants is to fulfill his duty as an aristocratic duke by finding a wife and having sons. When the newly cut-off-from-his-trust-fund Nicholas Stirling, Marquess of Trubridge, arrives at her doorstep she refuses to help him as he is exactly the type of man she keeps away from her clients and they declare war on each other. It is set in , and I loved the more modern take on historical England. Nothing special or different.

And that’s why Scandal of the Year has to go back to the library gods. Belinda and Nicholas reveal their wounds to the reader and to each other through their fears and actions. A theme of the book is Beatrix wanting to travel and go on adventures but afraid of taking risks. She was smiling at whoever had just entered the shop. It’s sharp and fresh and tightly written, with distinctive characters and an engaging situation. Overall I found Trouble At The Wedding, a great additon to a full of life series that just steals your breath away.

Scandal of the Year

Aidan is resentful of Julia, whom he believes — correctly — used him to force her husband to divorce her. Will took for granted Trix thinking she just follow, giving up her dreams.

I loved that Will pushed her to be what she was, and not what she thought people wanted. What happens when a carefree, disreputable, stone-broke bachelor is forced to find a wife in a hurry? ghrke

I had no idea. Aug 23, Evie rated it it was amazing. Cuma yg bikin gak tahan adalah sifat galau Trix yg sebentar menyangkal krn marah dan sakit hati, eh dicolek dan dicium Will langsung meleleh. Mar 20, Whitley Birks marked it as dnf. Plantaras bottom line is that the writing of the smexy scenes is fantastic and romantically fits the df.

Lady Belinda Featherstone is a matchmaker. Algo que tiene Laura Lee Guhrke es que sus libros no tan buenos igual se te van como agua entre los dedos o sea de voladita. Now she want 4. View all 8 comments.

El Rincon del Romanticismo: Laura Lee Guhrke – Serie Plantadas en el Altar

Just where was I supposed to have them? Nor does she expect him to unintentionally offer glimpses of the vulnerable man he hides. In another word, you can tell this book was done in a rush without much thought or effort put into the story.


Sama seperti Christian dan Annabel, keduanya desperately ingin keluar dari situasi mereka. When the newly cut-off-from-his-trust-fund Nicholas Stirling, Marquess of Trubridge, arrives at her doorstep she refuses to help him as he is exact When the Marquess Met His Match– clever title for a clever, engaging romance from one of my favorite authors.

When the Marquess Met His Match

She was stuck in a very bad marriage and to get out of it, she timed things just right so her husband would walk in on her having an affair with Aiden Carr, Duke of Trathen and finally divorce her. Jan 08, Inshirah Kamal rated it liked it Shelves: His shoulders and chest were wide, tanned by the hot Egyptian sun and shaped by years of hard excavation into a bronze wall of muscle and sinew.

Que me haga pasar un buen rato es, para mi, lo importante Six years later, Beatrix is marrying another Duke — the respectable, upstanding kind of Duke — while Will is only back in England to get funding for his expeditions My favourite is the scene in which Aidan is determined to prove that Julia is attracted to him despite her denials and challenges her to meet him in the maze at midnight and prove that she can resist his advances.

It matters not how strait the gate, How charged with punishments the scroll, I am the master of my fate: It was made known in the first 10 pages she did not want to go and he did not want to stay. That they are perceptive characters is a rewarding characteristic; time is not wasted in the storytelling waiting for them to have revelations.

Trouble at the Wedding by Laura Lee Guhrke

The story line was extremely clever and there were lots of unexpected occurrences as it went on. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

Sebenarnya alur ceritanya enak dibaca walau ada bbrp repetitif. A pesar de que esta historia en particular es bastante corta y sencilla, me ha tenido con una sonrisa bobalicona durante casi toda su lectura. My heart just broke for our hero, who has had to deal with such a horrible father who has taken pretty much everything he has cared about away from him out of spite. Best part of the book: I must say, though, that when the scene switches from London to Scarborough, the action feels rushed.


After years of looking, a war, and an ultimatum from the guy with the big bucks backing the dig, Lord Carnarvon, Carter’s water carrier stumbled across the stairs leading down to the tomb on November 4, This story takes us to one of my favorite time periods – Edwardian – love – love – love the clothes from that period. Didn’t quite understand that, but I excuse him for being so young when he was married.

And, in most cases their marriages were not happy, both partners finding interest elsewhere, if you get my drift. After all is said and done, she finds that she though she doesn’t regret her decisions, she is not proud of having used Aiden. Julie, on the other hand…her side of the story was much more believable for me.

Set in the early ‘s which is a bit different from her other books, but I liked the era she chooses which is the Edwardian Era, which is a later era than she usually does. It is set inand I loved the more modern take on historical England. Just as with the first book of the series, many of the same characters take part in this book to help enhance the protagonists as well as the series of events taking place.

I like the characters and the premise of the plot sounded interesting, and the fact that it is to be the first in a series also attracted me. Years later, having spent all his money on the dig to find Tutankhamun’s tomb, William, Duke of Sunderland, returns to England to raise funds.

I liked her a lot. Not exactly a match made in heaven!

All this culminates in a passionate kiss the night before the wedding leaving them both off balance. Feb 13, Riz rated it it was ok Shelves: This book is a reflection of changes that happened in the colonies but still show the problems and how class order issues remain regardless of your side of the pond.

Masalahnya, cukup membosankan mendengar dia mengulang2 hal yang sama macam radio rusak; untuk respek, untuk masa depan.

Nicholas, Marquess of Trubridge, is just the type of scoundrel she despises.