HW Kuijl then was the man behind the bookstore success “Akademibokhandeln”. But there were just a few people, no collectors who felt dangerous and no dealers. The store, which sold new records, was popular among record collectors who knew that occasionally she filled with old but unplayed vinyl records from a basement warehouse. Harald att the piano always in his shops and from Blue Tower in the s. It was in the years Sten Berglind was told by chance that the records would be sold in auction through the city authorities.

It closed in and has since been missed by many. Playing up on the balcony are Mats Gustafsson and Frank Lowe and the audience are sitting on the floor. Han dog i ambulansen. Micke Goulos was only 14 years old when he began work in the shop. During the 50’s and 60’s, the firm was owned by Karin Ernst. The store was a specialist in World Music and, in addition to records, also sold books, spices and exotic instruments.

Me and my friends found out who the man was that owned the store. Before each concert Harald called the 30 or so people who used to buy free jazz records in the store. But the point with this store was not cheap records. Expediten ger mig en beklagande. And this lasted for almost five years! It feels like the people passing by are more open and always seem to have time to stop and chat with each other. He runs Andra Jazz, the record store who many consider to be one of the best jazz record shop in the world.

Hade afroplattor i klass med vilken hipp Parisbutik som helst. Babajan first opened up at the Museum of Ethnography back in the s and has since been slowly building up its reputation as one of the most intriguing restaurants in Stockholm, with its huge variety of craft beers and culinary traditions from all over the world. I got the whole shit for small amount of money. Walking into legendary Monkey Beach is like walking into a closet covered entirely with DVDs from top to bottom.


Svenska musiker spelade gratis. Han inspirerade mig mycket.

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Jazzutbudet var riktigt bra, som jag minns det. Jack flyttade tillbaka till Finland sen tror jag. Richard Berlin tillsammans med Woolfi t. The focus on odd music continued, but in the long run it became an economic venture.

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It was owned by Bonnier and handled in the early years by the American folksinger Jack Downing and his girlfriend Pauline Fine. One day the store was empty. To many people it was the hippest book- and record store in Stockholm ever. She was a very strict lady. It was founded by Leif Collin in I started with my stockhilm shop on Birkagatan in the late s and looked backwards. Sten Berglind was told by chance that sere records would be sold in auction through the city authorities. Tusentals skivor i en enda post.

The records were far from mainstream: We have to call her “miss Ernst”, says jazz singer Nannie Porres who worked in the shop in the s. Today he is retired but still most active. Micael Wallberg opened up his shop over 20 years ago and is still going strong even in the area of downloads, thanks to a loyal customer base that prefers original hard copies over disposable torrent files. More features dispersed at regular intervals along the street are the many unique statues that adorn the stretch.


He is something of an oracle in terms of knowledge of jazz and has been both Swedish and European champion in jazz quiz, as well as being editor of the jazz magazine Orkesterjournalen. Eventually, he established a small jazz record corner in seri store and soon discovered that it was selling better than the books.

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They also stood for the music expertise in the company. We had a ginger bread baker and a haberdasher on the street for example. Daisy Dapper Katarina Bangata Ofta skivor i toppkondtion som just kommit ut. Skivorna finns i butiken. Men det kan fortfarande vara ganska livlig trafik t.

It was one of the major record stores in Stockholm and remained until the mid s. The owner Nils Selander Jr. In the Blue Tower store the musicians played from a balcony and the listeners sat on record crates on the floor.

Playing up on the balcony are Mats Gustafsson and Frank Lowe and the skivhandrl are sitting on the floor.

Experimentell rock, samtida jazz, blues och folkmusik. No message on the door. And then I had my apartment full of those records”.

Inthe entire street was radically remodelled by landscape architect Jonas Anders Berglund, who won the Swedish Architecture Award — The Siena Prize — for his vision. Det finns fortfarande kvar med adress i Gustavsberg. Men vi fick ingen kontakt.